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Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900mg (1ml)



The Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) is a cartridge that is made to offer the vapers an experience that is flavorful and enjoyable. With its unique flavor and distinct aroma, it offers a memorable vaping experience, and it has Delta-10 THC, which is highly potent and delivers the effects of being high.

This review post will give you in-depth information about this vape cartridge. You will be enlightened about details like its flavor, strain, performance, and more.

More about the Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml)

The Blue Dream Cartridge Hyper 900 mg has unique flavors and features that you need to be aware of before buying it. Here are some important details that you need to know about this vape cartridge.


The Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) is known to offer a flavor that is delightful as it makes you feel the fruity and berry-like sweetness in every puff. With its blueberry-related strain, you also get herbal notes of haze strains. 

It has a unique and new combination of flavors to make a harmonious flavor for the user that is smooth and gentle on the throat. The perfectly balanced flavors and potency ensure that it can be used by beginners and all time vapers.


The main ingredients in the distillate of Delta 10 THC –Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) are Delta-10 THC and CBD. It has over 897 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD, making it a 95+ percent pure Delta 10 THC product. These ingredients are extracted from the hemp plant using the best methods for high quality and premium vaping experience for the users.

Additionally, there are natural and artificial terpenes that are responsible for making a distinct flavor profile of the Blue Dream strain. This vape cartridge contains carrier oils with VG and PG that are supportive of the vaporization process.

What to expect?

If you are not a regular vaper, the Delta 10 THC – Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) can give you highly potent effects of Delta-10 THC. The Blue Dream strain has a high content of THC, making it something that is not suitable for having a sleepy or relaxing feeling. 

It will lead you to have an experience of being uplifted and excited. Due to these effects, it is regarded as suitable mostly for outdoor adventures like parties, trekking, and more.


The Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml)  has consistent and reliable results to offer to its users with 897 mg of Delta 10 THC and 2 mg of CBD content. It is compatible with most standard vapes available out there and can deliver smooth and even vaporization with every puff. It is designed to deliver approximately 240 puffs which may change with your frequency of vaping.


It is important to properly maintain the Delta 10 THC – Blue Dream Cartridge– Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) to get an optimal vaping experience for a long time. You must always store it in a cold place that is away from direct sunlight. Furthermore, cleaning the cartridge is also important so that you can remove any residue or buildup that is compromising the flavor. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to better clean and maintain this vape cartridge.

Precautions to follow

You must always follow the precautions while using Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml). The important ones are as follows:

  1. Legal laws and restrictions are imposed on Delta 10 THC products in some areas of the United States, making it necessary for you to be aware of the legal restrictions. Get in-depth information on cannabis law in your area before buying this vape cartridge.
  2. Make sure to be responsible and control the dosage as a beginner with this vape cartridge. Start out with a small dosage and then gradually increase if the desired effects are not met with a lower one.
  3. Do not consume Delta 10 THC – Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) or any other cannabis product when you are operating machinery or driving to ensure personal safety. 
  4. Before using this vape cartridge with any vape pen, make sure to check its compatibility. Read the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to get a proper fit.


The pricing of Delta 10 THC – Blue Dream Cartridge – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml) may vary on platforms and dispensaries across states. However, on most of the online stores, you can get it for $39.99. The prices can be lower if there are additional offers from the website.

Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons of Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml), and we will enlist them here.


  1. Distinct flavor with a fruity and herbal combination.
  2. Consistent and reliable performance.
  3. Highly potent Delta 10 THC content.
  4. Compatible with a wide range of standard vapes.


  1. Legal constraints exist in some regions for Delta 10 THC.
  2. Regular maintenance can lead to hassle-induced work on the cartridge.

The Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 10 THC – Hyper 900 mg (1 ml), is a cartridge with a highly potent sativa-based strain. It is known to deliver effects of upliftment and energy and is suitable for activities that need more energy. 

However, before you buy and use it, make sure to be aware of the dosage and the right directions for use. It will allow you to have an optimal and enjoyable vaping experience.


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