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Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice 500 – 2000mg

  • 99% Pure CBD Isolate in 500 mg, 1000 mg & 2000 mg
  • 50/50 VG & PG ratio
  • The expertly crafted flavor profile for maximum enjoyment
  • High-quality food-grade ingredients


Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice is the perfect vape product, which helps you feel uplifted and energized. Feel the marijuana strain in a vape stick that keeps you asking for more.

This product has been formulated carefully with a rich collection of ingredients like both artificial and natural flavors. It also features a blend of vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol, and cannabidiol (CBD).

This is a puff-as-you-go vape product as it offers you the option to choose from several strength levels: 500mg (30ml), 1000mg (30ml), or 2000mg (60ml).

An ergonomic and futuristic design

The blue raspberry CBD vape juice comes in a powerful compact design. The ergonomic design of this vape is why it’s very famous in popular culture. The e-liquid has been made to come in a robust casing made from high-grade material that ensures durability and performance.

The bottle has been designed ergonomically to promote convenient use on a daily basis.

The content of this vape has been produced under the right condition in a facility that has been certified by the cGMP.

The flavor profile has been crafted expertly to ensure maximum enjoyment for all users. 

Features of the Blue Raspberry CBD vape juice

  • Provides a taste of delicious blue raspberries with a twist of a candy-like taste.
  • Produced from high-grade food ingredients.
  • Comes with an equal blend of VG/PG (50/50 ratio).
  • A 99% pure blend of CBD that is available in 2000mg (60ml), 1000mg (30ml), and 500mg (30ml).
  • An incredible flavor that offers a sweet and tart taste that reminds you of your best candies as a kid.
  • Obtained from organic cannabis/hemp farms.
  •  Its potency has been verified in labs.

Final words

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