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CBD Vape Kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to start vaping CBD and is built to last. Add a CBD Vape Juice, CBD Terpene Vape Liquid, or CBD Vape Oil Additive to the Vape Kit and save 10% on the price. The all-in-one CBD Vape Kit includes everything you’ll need to start using their high-quality CBD oil as soon as you open the package. 




This all-in-one CBD Vape Kit combines an ultra-sleek appearance with a small body and premium materials, according to CBDfx’s strict quality and detail standards. The kit is state-of-the-art, combining great usability with cutting-edge toolkits and technologies.

According to their research, most vape pens or MODs are adjusted for higher temperatures than CBD oil requires. Regular e-liquids require a higher temperature to evaporate properly and fully, whereas CBD oils burn and release hazardous carcinogens when exposed to the same temperature. To combat this, the CBDfx Vape Oil Kit was created to operate at temperatures that provide the finest CBD vaping experience possible.

What does the Vape Kit Include?

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 1000mAh
  • Ceramic Coil, Glass, and Steel Cartridge
  • USB Charger is a type of charger used to charge electronic devices.
  •  Connector: Magnetic Adaptor Ring
  • Compatible with All 510 Threaded 
  • Cartridges
  •  Instructions Manual

Specifications of the CBD Vape Kit

  1. The operation is simple and only requires one button.
  2. Ultra-compact design: 4′′ tall, 1′′ wide, and 0.6′′ thick
  3. Ceramic glass/steel cartridge of excellent quality
  4. The 1000mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery is light and barely weighs 2 ounces.

How to turn on a CBD Vape Kit?

You must press the button 5 times to completely power up the Vape Kit. It must be pressed fast (within 3 seconds); if you wait too long between button presses, the gadget will not recognize your attempt to switch it on. Please make sure you hit this button 5 times quickly, as the device should turn on and the light should blink pink/purple 5 times. They recommend repeatedly pressing the button until you see the pink/purple light turn on.

When the vaping device is completely charged, the button should light up blue for the duration of the button push. Please press and hold the button down for the duration of the puff for the device to emit vapor; once you’ve finished buffing, simply let go of the button, and the gadget will cease creating vapor.

If you’re still experiencing problems, a short video below illustrates how to switch on the gadget.

Final Thoughts!

Hempercamp is a website that evaluates the most cutting-edge and fashionable aid products. The website’s goal is to collaborate with all significant stakeholders in the CBD business to raise public awareness about the benefits of cannabinoids and CBD products. This CBD Vape Stick review aims to deliver the best possible experience with this vape equipment.


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