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Cookie Dough Strain

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Cookie Dough Strain comes from the tastiest candy-like marijuana family: Girl Scout Cookies, with an average THC level of 22%.  Snacking is fun, especially with all these tempting, sweet, and tasty food items, it’s almost impossible to resist. And who doesn’t love sneaking at midnight, looking for the cookie dough, because there is nothing better than a tender cookie dough filled with cookie chips? 

But for an adult, this activity of pleasure might appear somewhat childish, but there are numerous ways to enjoy sweet, nostalgic flavors for adults to enjoy. A marijuana strain called Cookie Dough might just be the best choice for a chocoholic. 

What exactly is Cookie Dough Strain?

Cookie Dough Strain

A great example of a perfect hybrid is Cookie Dough, whose genetics contain an equal mixture of Sativa and Indica, allowing for an intriguing mélange of the two different sorts of effects.

You could anticipate that Cookie Dough, as a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, would produce effects that are comparable to the usually very mild intensity of Girl Scout Cookies. However, Cookie Dough is well renowned for its abrupt burst of very potent, overwhelming effects; as a result, seasoned users sometimes advise novice beginners to avoid it.

The high from Cookie Dough will likely come on rapidly, generating a sudden tightness and pressure in your mind and leaving you feeling sluggish and slightly incapacitated.

Is this strain suitable for a casual evening? 

Yes, this strain is definitely a good choice when you are just looking for something to relax. Plus this kind of strain is best suited to enjoy with your friends, or by yourself while listening to some thought-provoking music or watching an action movie. To make the best out of the breadth of colours and sensations, you can go as far as taking cookie dough and then take a casual walk through an art gallery. You’ll find everything amusing for sure. 

What does it taste like? 

Just like the name suggests, cookie dough smoke is incredibly sweet and delightful. It doesn’t matter if you burn your roll too much, this strain will not have a severe burn. The predominant flavour is one of sweetness and has a major role in its intensity, making it taste like an overly sweet, extremely lemony cookie.  Although a berry undertone spreads your senses on the exhale and seems to have a structure out of nowhere, the flavours continue to cherish your tongue. 


When you smell cookie dough for the first time, it has an intriguing character of scents that almost taste like bready cookie batter. Although it isn’t exactly yeasty, it is clearly substantial and dough-like and offers up a respectable amount of sweetness.

As you continue, these aromas only become stronger, creating a truly dessert-like atmosphere that is similar to entering your grandmother’s kitchen.

Will I get high from the Cookie Dough Strain? 

At first, you’ll feel as though nothing is moving in your body, but that will quickly give way to a high intellectual intensity accompanied by different physical sensations.

You might begin to feel distortion and amplification of sound. Cookie Dough high induces pleasure and mood-lifting when used slowly.

What does it look like?

cookie dough

Hearing its name, you may think that its buds will appear slightly yellow, just like a fresh batch of cookie dough. But you will be surprised that this strain has a vivid purple gloss. The distinct pigment development within the plant determines the colour, giving this pleasant strain an unanticipated purple hue.

If you get your hands on cookie dough that hasn’t been thoroughly cured, you will realize that the hue is really not there and definitely not purple. 

THC and CBD Content 

Cookie Dough goes a step further when it comes to THC content, recorded as high as 25%, with an average value of roughly 22%.

There hasn’t been deep research about the CBD level of the Cookie Dough Strain, but according to some accounts, the CBD content of their cookie dough ranges from almost nothing to 10%, which is not really a useful range of possibilities. 

But from its THC content, we can say that Cookie Dough is overpowering, and has an immediately recognizable flavor and fragrance as well as mind-blowing effects.