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Delta 8 THC Vape Cart – Orange Chemdawg – Telesto

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The aromatics of terpenes and orange waft through space in an intoxicating bouquet of tangy herbal bliss.



The Delta 8 THC Vape Cart – Orange Chemdawg by Telesto is a vape cartridge containing hemp-derived Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8 THC) oil with an orange chemdawg terpene flavor profile.

  • 0.5mL volume with approx. 900 puff draw capacity
  • Contains 95% hemp-derived Δ8 THC oil
  • Natural strain-specific terpenes
  • CCELLTM technology ceramic core cartridge
  • Universal 510-thread battery compatibility
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency
  • Legal hemp product with <0.3% Delta 9 THC

Telesto crafts premium Δ8 THC vape products using high-purity distillate for a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience. Their CCELL cartridges provide optimized flavor and absorption.

Flavor profile

  • Features a zesty, citrusy orange aroma paired with earthy, diesel undertones
  • Natural terpenes capture the essence of classic Chemdawg cannabis
  • Provides an invigorating and pleasant vaping experience
  • Orange citrus flavors offer a sweetness to balance the diesel tones
  • No artificial or added flavors; derived solely from natural terpenes

The Orange Chemdawg brings together the limonene-rich essence of fresh oranges with the distinct diesel character of the iconic Chemdawg cannabis strain. This creates an aroma and flavor that is both uplifting and grounding. Vapers can enjoy tangy orange citrus coupled with an earthy diesel pungency.

Effects and experience

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in small amounts in hemp. While closely related to the main psychoactive compound Delta 9 THC, Δ8 offers more functional, clear-headed effects:

  • Provides uplifting, motivating feel compared to Δ9 THC
  • Stimulates appetite and reduces nausea
  • Eases tension and promotes relaxation
  • Enhances mood without sedation or cloudy disorientation
  • Lucid, creative headspace and mental stimulation

The Orange Chemdawg delivers these therapeutic properties of Δ8 THC while allowing the user to remain mentally energized and engaged. The zesty orange balances out the deeper diesel tones for an effects profile suited to daytime or social use.

  • Low psychoactivity suitable for microdosing
  • Clear-headed, anti-anxiety benefits
  • May enhance focus and concentration
  • Avoid overconsumption to prevent undesirable side effects

Experience can vary based on individual body chemistry and Delta 8 tolerance. Wait at least 1 hour before redosing.


The Delta 8 Orange Chemdawg fills the air with an uplifting citrus aroma undercut by mellow diesel tones. As soon as the vape cartridge is opened, your nose will detect invigorating notes of fresh-squeezed oranges and tangy citrus. Undertones of pine and earthy diesel soften the brightness.

  • Zesty, sweet orange at the forefront
  • Hints of lemon and grapefruit acidity
  • Subtle, smooth finish of pine and diesel
  • Mellows into an earthy aroma post-inhalation

The aroma profile mirrors the flavor, providing an energizing mood lift prior to the first puff. The scent intensifies when vaporized, releasing the terpene content.

Directions for use

Attach the 510-threaded Orange Chemdawg cartridge onto any standard draw-activated vape battery. Gently inhale with lips placed on the mouthpiece to draw vapor into lungs.

  • Start with small puffs and increase draw length for desired effect
  • Adjust voltage between 3.0V and 3.8V for optimal balance of flavor and vapor
  • Higher voltages produce thicker vapor while lowering it improves flavor
  • 5-second preheating can help absorption before inhaling
  • Avoid overheating the coil by allowing time between puffs

For best results, hold vapor in lungs for 3-5 seconds before exhaling dense, smooth vapor.

Proper storage and handling

To preserve the quality and experience of your Delta 8 cartridge:

  • Store upright in a cool, dark place away from heat and sunlight
  • Ideal storage temperature is under 77°F (25°C)
  • Avoid extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Prevent contact with liquids and oils
  • Check for signs of leaks and immediately dispose if found
  • Do not tamper with or attempt to modify the cartridge
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

An unopened, properly stored cartridge may retain optimal integrity for up to 12 months when kept in ideal conditions.

Precautions and warnings

Although derived from legal hemp, Delta 8 THC products are not approved by the FDA and remain in a legal grey area in many states. Check local laws before purchase and use. Must be 21+ years old to use.

  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery when under the influence.
  • Avoid combining with medications or supplements without consulting a physician.
  • This product may cause impairment and negative health effects when overconsumed.
  • Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur and seek medical attention if serious.
  • Not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets – ingestion could be harmful.

The Delta 8 Orange Chemdawg vape cart from Telesto provides an energizing, mood-lifting experience from natural strain-specific terpenes and lab-tested Δ8 THC distillate. When used responsibly by adults in permitted jurisdictions, it can provide clear-headed benefits during daytime use or social gatherings.