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Delta 8 Tincture | Vanilla | 1000mg

Enjoy the sweet tastiness of rich and smooth vanilla bean – irreproachable! We suggest partaking in our colors sublingual by putting the oil under your tongue prior to gulping.



Try out the organic hemp product, Delta 8 tinctures by MoonWlkr, to experience an out-of-the-world potency. These tinctures are infused with Delta 8 THC with different flavors that you will love.

Tinctures are one of the best ways to consume Delta 8 THC. These tinctures come with improved taste. You can experience a wonderful combo of incredible tastes and potency with these Delta 8 Tinctures by MoonWlkr. Each product contains 1,000mg of tincture.

Flavors of delta 8 tinctures

There are several flavors of Delta 8 tinctures by MoonWlkr that you can try out. If you want something sweet and lovely, you can try out the Strawberry Aurora Delta 8 Tincture. However, if you want something tangy, then the classy taste of orange creamsicle would be a fabulous addition. You can also go for the Delta 8 Tincture Vanilla flavor for a wonderful sweetness and lovely smell.

How to consume delta 8 tinctures by MoonWlkr?

The best way to consume Delta 8 tinctures is to hold them under your tongue. Just holding it in for up to a minute will allow it to get absorbed. Then, you can swallow the remaining liquid and wait for its effects to kick in. 

You can also use it directly by dropping it in your mouth and swallowing it. Another way of using it is by mixing it up with food. You can mix it in your beverages and gulp down the lovely liquid.

Some people even apply the tincture to their bodies. However, the best way would be direct consumption.

Where to Find It?

Search online and place an order for the Delta 8 Tinctures by MoonWlkr. However, you can also search the stores around you. If they sell Delta 8 products, then chances are, you may also find the tinctures by MoonWlkr.