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Flying Monkey | Fruity Pebbles Hybrid Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen 1g

Fruity Pebbles Hybrid Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen By Flying Monkey contains a mix of Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien strains.



Flying Monkey Vape Disposable is your go-to if you want to enjoy cannabis but don’t want the smoke or vapour. It instantly improves your mood and keeps you at ease and tranquil, and your mind will be sharp and concentrated. 

Flying Monkey is constantly dedicated to giving you top-notch hemp goods, using only natural ingredients to assist meet client needs. One can find everything they need under one roof thanks to their extensive selection of products, which range from candy to hemp flowers.

About Fruity pebbles hybrid delta 8 disposable vape-pen-1g

The Flying Monkey Disposable vape pen can fit everywhere you need it to because of its understated design. Fruity pebbles disposable pen product is exceptionally convenient to carry about due to its thin, elegant appearance. One of this product’s standout features is how well the juice reservoir is sealed to avoid leaks while being transported.

Legal under the farm act bill, all the ingredients used by flying monkeys come from US-grown hemp, coming in 8 various strains. 

After testing this product, we have found over 94% Δ8 THC (940mg), with the rest being comprised of CBG, CBN, and CBD.

What are some unique features of the Fruity Pebbles Vape pen? 

In addition to calming you down and making you feel good, Flying Monkey vape pen has unique characteristics that increase demand because they make the vape pen practical and easy to use.

  • It comes with a 940mg Delta 8 THC. 
  • The Flying Money vape pen has a powerful 600 mAh battery, so you won’t have to worry all the time that it will run out of juice and ruin your enjoyable evening. 
  • Invite all of your friends to try this product, and then pass the pen along since it has more than 800 puffs.
  • This pen is disposable, it does not require any maintenance or refilling.
  • The vape pen is ready to use right after it is delivered to you as it comes pre-charged and pre-filled.