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Gelato 41 Strain

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Gelato 41 provides a powerful, calming physical high because it’s a hybrid strain with a high THC content, but it doesn’t distort the intellect. This strain produces buds that range in colour from light green to purple. The terpenes on these buds emit an aroma that is sweet and earthy with hints of lavender and pine. A fusion of thin mint cookies and sunset sherbert, Gelato 41 is strong and those searching for a new heavy hitter should go for this strain to experience the amazing high. 

Seeds situated in the Humboldt County region of Northern Ireland are the ultimate choice of Gelato 41 farmers. If we look at the number of growers who cultivate Gelato 41, the consistency is comforting because the strain’s potency, which seldom, if ever, tests below 20% THC, contributes to its appeal. The flavour is fruity, with zesty orange and mint-chocolate after-taste, orange citrus, and pine, and notes of mint dominate its aroma. 


Sherbinski, who made the sunset sherbert, partnered with Jigga’s Gelato to launch their pollination project of sunset sherbert and thin mint cookies genetic, that’s where the journey of gelato strain commenced. They produced a lot of phenotypes, all having a different flavour and smell. 

Sherbinski and Jigga didn’t reveal this cannabis strain for a long time, eventually making bag seeds and clones available to the public. In states where gelato is legal, you can find this strain in dispensaries or online stores, but with the increase in demand for this strain, there have been some fake seeds and clones. Be aware.


Fairly Indica dominated (60% Indica, 40% Sativa) strain, the plant can grow as tall as 2 meters outdoors, pretty easy to grow and mould, the plant achieves its maximum size and begins to develop fat, blue or purple resin buds within 63-70 days. The flavour of the strain is pungent, fruity, and sweet like candy. Initial inhalation will give you noticeable high energy and happiness.


When you first look at Gelato 41 strain, it appears like a dank bomb that will take you on trips through the dimensions. The potent pungency may appear menacing, with neon-orange hairs. However, appearances can be misleading, and this strain a great, high-quality daytime smoke. 

A profusion of silvery crystals that nearly totally hides the green, and brings out orange pistils, orange hairs ever seen in a bud. 

Flavour and Aroma

You wouldn’t expect an intense flavour of lavender from a hybrid girl scout cookie having CBD levels less than 1%. This strain will not fool you with artificial aroma, or some lookalikes. It actually has a zesty and fruity fragrance, unlike in soda or candy. 

Is Gelato 41 popular?

Gelato 41 is a relatively new cannabis strain, created in 2020, compared to other well-known cannabis strains. The strain has always been the topic of discussion among cannabis enthusiasts because of its high THC percentage. Gelato terpenes include Beta-myrcene, which can also be found in lemongrass, bay leaves, thyme, and hops. Alpha-pinene is solely accountable for the piney aroma in the strain whereas Limonene gives a fruity scent to the mix. All these incredible ingredients make gelato 41 strain high-quality, and a favourite among many people. But the strain is frequently more expensive than other strains and considered a top-shelf strain at most dispensaries.