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Gelato CBD Terpene Vape Liquid 500 – 1000mg

  • 99% Pure CBD Isolate in 500 mg
  • 50/50 VG & PG ratio
  • The expertly crafted flavor profile for maximum enjoyment
  • High-quality food grade ingredients


This product is a combination of organic pure farming (agriculture) and gelato-flavored vape oil and will thump your socks off. Gelato’s dark fruity essence will taste awesome and you will be immersed in the high-quality award-winning essence of CBD terpene-filled vape oil. This Gelato flavored product is solvent-free and has verified potency. It is also cruelty-free in nature. The vaping strain is sold in 500 milligrams 30 milliliters packages and 1000 milligrams 60 milliliters packages. 

Gelato CBD terpene 1000mg vape liquid 500 – It’s features

  • Gelato CBD liquid (vape) terpene is 99 percent genuine CBD isolate (500 mg, 1000 mg)
  • The VG- PG ratio of this commodity is 50:50
  • The vaping liquid is expertly crafted so that you can get maximum enjoyment with the enriched seasoning of gelato ice cream
  • The food-grade ingredients used in the product are of high quality
  • The ingredients present in this liquid are Propylene Glycol, natural terpenes (their proprietary blend), CBD (cannabidiol), and Vegetable Glycerine.
  • Each of the products is lab-tested
  • Made of superior quality hemp plant extracts
  • The juice is available without a kit. However, you can buy the vape kit at an extra price along with this juice.
  • The terpenes present in this product are hundred percent natural 

Does Gelato CBD terpene 1000mg vape liquid 500 work?

Yes, the vaping fluid works great. Not only is its taste luscious but also the reactions it elicits are big enough. You will find each dose of this vape product very relaxing with a feeling of ecstasy and contentment. It has a calming impact on your muscles and mind. 500 mg of this liquid works well and gives you good effects but 1000 mg of the same liquid will give you the maximum effects. This vaping liquid is way better than any THC product. So, glance no further! Thump into the cannabidiol goodness of Gelato whenever you want it and appreciate its brand new wildly distinguished flavor. You will wish for it again and again. 

Final words

Hempercamp, a website dedicated to reviewing the most innovative and organic hemp products, collaborates with all of the major players in the cannabidiol sector. Its aim is to make the common people aware of the helpfulness of cannabinoids or other CBD products. And, this review on Gelato CBD Terpene 1000mg Vape Liquid 500 is to give you a promising experience with this vaping product.


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