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Golden Monkey Extracts Vape Carts

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Here’s a potential peanut cookie taste followed by a light touch of savory diesel. It has a high THC level of 21-23%. Given the high THC content, the Golden Monkey strain is often used as an extract to vape and smoke.



Cartridges from Golden Monkey Extracts (GME) are created using terpenes that come from plants and premium-quality Delta-9 THC distillates. To assure standard and consistency in every inhalation, GME’s distillate undergoes laboratory testing on every batch. Each cartridge comes in a 1.0mL CCELLTM TH2 cartridge and is designed to create the most flavorful vapor also includes 800mg of THC.

What are Golden Monkey Extracts? 

The potent Animal Cookies X Masters’N Crime strains were crossed to produce the evenly balanced hybrid strain known as Golden Monkey, which contains 50% indica and 50% Sativa. Golden Monkey, so named for its lovely beauty and amusing high, is ideal for everyone who enjoys hybrids. This bud contains thick nugs that are forest green with golden amber overtones, bright orange hairs, and a layer of crystal-shaped trichomes that are mint green with gold undertones. 

When the nugs are crushed, sweet aromas fill the air. They release a spicy flavor and aroma when burnt. The flavor derived from the extract feels light. There’s a potential peanut cookie taste followed by a light touch of savory diesel. It has a high THC level of 21-23%. Given the high THC content, the Golden Monkey strain is often used as an extract to vape and smoke.

Why Golden Monkey Extracts Vape Cartridges are Used? 

Since there is no combustion involved, vaping is thought to be a safer alternative when it comes to choosing between vaping and smoking marijuana. The vape pen, on the other hand, warms the flower or concentrates to a precise temperature, turning the liquid into vapor. Users can then breathe in the vapor and benefit from the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without any negative effects associated with smoking.

How to Perform Vaping Functions with Golden Monkey Extracts Vape Cartridges? 

Along with Vape Cartridges, the kit comes with a 510 thread battery and charger. In the case of the Golden Monkey strain, the extracts become a gas that can be ingested when heated to a temperature between 400 and 485 degrees Fahrenheit. When a liquid is heated to such extreme temperatures, numerous chemical reactions may occur and give you the best high when inhaled.

Mouth-to-lung and direct-lung draws are the two types of inhalation techniques. Smaller vapes with high resistance coils and lots of cannabis goodies are excellent for mouth-to-lung hits. Little vapor is produced by this style of drawing, which mimics the process of smoking and gives users the desired throat hit. It is a simple procedure. Draw vapor into your mouth gradually. For a few seconds, keep the vapor in your closed mouth. Never attempt to swallow. Open your mouth and breathe in the vapor through it. Exhale after the vapor has reached your lungs.

The best vapes for a direct lung hit are bigger ones with low resistance coils and minimal nicotine. As soon as you can, draw the vapors directly into your lungs. As soon as you can, exhale the vapors. Some consumers do not prefer to inhale into the lungs completely and continue to puff on them like a cigar. Although it is not technically inhaled, the cigar puff can be utilized with high power or low power devices with ease. This method of consumption still works since extracts are absorbed through mucous membranes.

How to Store Golden Monkey Extracts Vape Carts?

As a consumer, you have to make sure that Golden Monkey extracts vape cartridges should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. To prevent leakage, cartridges and vape pens should be kept in a vertical position. CCELL TH2 premium cartridges are incorporated into the device. Better anti-corrosion capabilities and adequate oil flow are ensured by the glass housing used in the TH2 series. To ensure that your priceless distillate is kept in a leak-proof container, the mouthpiece has a silicone seal. 


Young people and teenagers are using Golden Monkey Extracts Vape cartridges more frequently these days. The use of vapes is promoted as an alternative to smoking and is potentially less hazardous than smoking. Get your hands on some awesome Golden Monkey extracts vape cartridges featured on Hempercamp and get your day sorted.

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  1. David

    Thoroughly impressed with the peanut cookie taste. The quality of the extracts was exceptional. it was like flavorful vaping experience with every puff. I highly recommend to give it a shot.

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