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Grape Pie Exotic Strain – A Delicious Indica – Dominant Strain

Grape Pie Indica Dominant Hybrid has a sweet fruit and grape aroma. This strain has a high trichome content, as evidenced by its frosty and bright orange hairs. This strain’s photos do not do it justice; they must be experienced in person.



Fruit lovers, rejoice: Grape Pie strain is now your preferred variety. It is a fruity, potent, and delectable hybrid with 70% indica and 30% Sativa. You can spend the entire night relaxing on the couch with the help of the fast high.

The renowned Cherry Pie and Gage Green’s Grape Stomper were crossed to create the Cannarado Genetics variety known as Grape Pie. The fruity strain that results is potent. THC concentrations average around 16 % and can reach 22 %. Experienced users can anticipate having a nice time if they can get their hands on this delectable strain.

It has a minimum THC content of 16% on average, making it safe for experienced users and those who are just starting to smoke and vape. The terpenes Pinene and Nerolidol are what give it its distinct grape flavor. Let’s learn more about this tasty strain’s flavors, aroma, and look. Let’s start.

What is Grape Pie Strain

You’ll definitely want to eat this wonderful pie again and again after just one bite. This baby has a rich, fruity, berry pie flavor and a nutty, somewhat peppery aftertaste.

Grape Pie, like other cannabis grape strains, gets its name from the distinct flavor and scent of the buds. Many claims that Grape Pie buds have a delicious, fruity berry pie flavor with a scent similar to grapes. After burning it, it is well known to leave a sweet taste on your tongue.

What do You need To Know For Growing Grape Pie Strain?

Growing marijuana plants of the Grape Pie strain won’t be too challenging; all that’s required is that you take good care of them. Plants can be raised indoors or outdoors, which will alter the yield. Indoor-grown buds will produce 1-2 ounces per square foot, and outdoor-grown buds will produce 2-3 ounces per plant. 84 days after germination, the harvest will be ready, while the flowering phase lasts 67 to 80 days.

The flavor of Grape Pie Strain

Grape Pie has a flavor and aroma that is very reminiscent of sweet and sour grapes. It has some overtones of spice and earthiness that balance the strong fruity flavor. The Grape Pie cannabis has extremely potent berry and fruit flavors. There is an overtly sweet undertone. The almost-candy flavor is counterbalanced by the exhalation, which gets a touch herbier and nuttier.

The Incredible Aroma You Would Love

Grape Pie smells strongly like grape juice, offset by a herbal, earthy aroma. Long after the other fragrances have vanished, hints of sweetness and spice linger, reminding everyone nearby of this delectable strain. You’ll be transported back to those cherished summer memories by the delectable flavor and beautiful aroma. You’ll smell something fruity and earthy with just the right amount of sweetness and heat!

The appearance of This Beauty

Small, rounded nugs with a dark olive-green color make up Grape Pie. The nugs have crystal trichomes that are amber and have bright orange hairs. Some users have compared the Grape Pie strain to “a modern version of old-chole purple strains” in terms of aesthetics. This is because the bud’s deep violet tones can be seen all over it. Additionally, the bud bears fox tailing calyxes and only partial pistil covering.

Users can smell a potent herbal aroma with overtones of sweet grapes when the nugs are cracked open. This smell can thrill the nostrils and is both sweet and sour with a hint of spice.

Final Words

The Grape Pie variety is a fantastic option all around because it is flavorful, efficient, and enjoyable to grow. This well-balanced indica hybrid is equally helpful for unwinding at the end of a long day as it keeps you relaxed over the weekend, as per some users.


How much THC does Grape Pie have?

The THC levels of the Grape Pie strain may vary depending on the manufacturers you are buying it from. However, on average, the THC content can be anywhere from 16-22%

Is Grape Pie a strong strain?

The Grape Pie strain is potent. However, whether it’s strong or not depends on the THC levels. For example, a Grape Pie strain containing 16% of THC levels won’t be as strong as the one with 22% THC. In any way, this strain is good for both beginners and experienced consumers.

What’s the dominant terpene in the Grape Pie strain?

Limonene is the predominant terpene in this strain. This terpene brings on the fruity flavor and perfume that the hybrid emits. It has several benefits thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities.


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