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Grease Monkey Strain- A Sweet But Dank Flavored Strain

Are you damn tired of your hectic schedule & work pressure & want a tranquilizer & relaxing entity in your life? Then, Grease Monkey Strain may come to your help. This pungent strain may tranquilize your mind & make you super-energetic. The sweet but dank-flavored Grease Monkey possesses some hints of diesel. 



This delicious THC-heavy hybrid strain is a strain that has come from the crossing of 2 incredible strains- Cookies & Cream & Gorilla Glue #4. It is an extra-potent bud, which will provide you with next-level relaxation along with the mental stimulation that you have always loved to gain. Grease Monkey came to the market holding the hand of Exotic Genetix, the one who also brought Starfighter strain & Kimbo Kush to the market. Now, it has added this new tasty hybrid strain to the same legend status of those earlier strains & ignited the buyers to buy it for them.

Besides, this ultra-large THC bud is also helpful in establishing the mental focus of an individual. You can use it both for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Grease monkey plants can be grown inside or outside your house & you can procure the seeds of this strain from an online website that sells them. However, you are required to do a distinct level of maintenance of the plant to make it grow to its full potential. Try planting some easy strains before proceeding to plant the seeds of this strain at your home. 

How To Grow Grease Monkey Bud?

Grease monkey seeds grow well when they are kept fixed to a particular area. The strain grows well both inside as well as outside of your house by doing that. For growing outdoors, this cannabinoid strain needs 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You will see that the plants of grease monkeys grow up quite easily if taken proper care of. 

They are incredibly tall compared to the plants of other strains. Do the plants’ trimming & pruning regularly. It will keep your strain’s buds tidy & manageable. The strain though can also grow well inside your house and will produce an exceptional aroma that you will find difficult to conceal. The reason for this is that the strain is extremely potent in nature. So, it is recommended to buy good odor control before planning the growth of this plant inside your house. 

Grease monkey has a high yield of grown well. It flowers in between eight to nine weeks, irrespective of whether grown inside or outside of one’s home. 

What’re The Aromas & Flavors Of This Cannabinoid Strain?

This cannabinoid strain is famous for its intense & sophisticated flavor that comprises notes of gasoline & fresh vanilla, which in turn melts into a profound sweetness. You will have a smooth experience with this strain. However, you will feel a slight bitterness in your throat’s back. This is the reason why most individuals don’t experience coughing fits while inhaling or exhaling it. The exhale of this strain will make you experience a slight peppery/spicy taste. So, the sweet notes of this strain get balanced with the spicy ones as you inhale. 

Besides, the pungent aromas of this strain are extraordinary & voluminous. You will get a heavy current of earthiness in it mixed with a sweet & skunky backing band. The bud of this strain looks dense in both colors as well as volume. And, its underlying greens are forest-like (very deep). The purple color interweaves them. Moreover, hairy trichomes are also present in the buds. Overall, the buds of this strain appear handsome.  

What Are Grease Monkey’s CBD & THC Contents?

The pungent Grease monkey comprises 23 percent THC & 0 percent CBD. It is indica-dominant. Thus, it has 70 percent indica & 30 percent Sativa. So, the indica-sativa ratio is 70:30. The strain also has caryophyllene in it & has 1 percent CBG. 

Wrapping Up:

Hey! What are you thinking of? Just go for this THC strain with 0 percent CBD & see its power. You will be surrounded by calmness, comfort & happiness all around.


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