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Hyde Edge 4000 Puffs Rave Recharge Vape

Have you been all long waiting for a vape pen disposable that is far more upgraded than the sub-par ones and comes with high caliber? Then, Hyde Edge 4000 puffs Rave recharge vape might be your ideal one.



It’s designed to illuminate any room within seconds. And, you can discard them any time as soon as the vape juice they contain gets exhausted. Here, the device is distinct from its other contemporary vaping devices which are refillable. This is because, Hyde Edge 4000 puffs Rave Recharge vape device, unlike the others, is available in pre-charged condition.

Hyde Edge 4000 puffs Rave Recharge vape – an introduction

It’s a new edition vaping disposable device, which comes with an adaptable airflow dial as well as an LED light. This LED light can be switched on or off by only clicking a button on the device’s bottom. The product’s packaging is just awesome. It’s compact, mobile, and leakage-free. Besides, the good news about this device is that vaping device is rechargeable and can be recharged at your convenience. The hemp extracts used for making this vape are of premium quality and are lab-tested. The THC content of the derivative is lesser than 0.3 percent. 

Hyde Edge 4000 puffs Rave Recharge vape – its features

The battery power of this vaping equipment is 600 mAh and it delivers you closer to four thousand puffs. You can recharge this appliance with the aid of a micro USB charger. However, the USB charger is not encompassed in the packet and you have to obtain it at an additional cost in case you want it. You can recharge the appliance using it until the device is fully empty. You will receive the vaping e-liquid within this appliance in a number of flavours and the decision is up to you, which flavour you choose.

Hyde Edge 4000 puffs Rave Recharge vape – its flavours:

  • Blue razz lemonade
  • Caribbean Colada
  • Dewberry
  • Loops
  • Minty O’s 
  • Peach gummy
  • Pineapple peach mango
  • Sour apple ice
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Tropical
  • Brazmallows
  • Cherry peach lemonade
  • Energize
  • Mango peaches and cream
  • OJ
  • Peach mango watermelon
  • Raspberry watermelon
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Summer LUV

Final Words

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