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Jack Herer- A Perfect Strain For Newbies Or Beginners

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Have you heard of Jack Herer’s Strain? Well! It’s a cannabis strain created by Dutch breeders. Many people also know it as the JH strain, ‘The Jack’ strain, Platinum Jack strain, or Premium Jack strain. It’s a Sativa-dominated strain that will make you feel blissful & stimulates your mental health.



JH strain is a hybrid & is prominent for its potent medical features. The cultivation of this strain is quite easy. So, cannabis-growing newbies or beginners consider it an easy & manageable strain. The citrus-dominant flavor profile of Platinum Jack lures people to buy it. It also has notes of skunk as well as pine. The skunk notes of this bud come from its very own Shiva skunk parent. Make your morning wake-up pleasant & delightful with this cannabinoid strain. Get lots of energy with the use of it.

Jack Herer Strain- An Introduction

JH strain is a crossbred strain resulting from the crossing of Haze hybrid with the strains Shiva Skunk & Northern Lights #5. The strain won a large number of awards. It won nine Cannabis Cup Awards in the category of the Best-In-Class Flower. The strain also honored an iconic & popular historical cannabis activist. The historic persona Jack Herer had fought immensely for the legalization of hemp & cannabinoids. 

This JH strain, just like the man, is an exemplary blend responsible for the amalgamation of a variety of worlds. The unique but delicate flavor of this strain creates an outstanding mind-boggling impact on the user. Its efficient medicinal potential helps in the enrichment of one’s mood by giving him/her energy. Now, JH bud has become the parent plant of many other strains like Jack Skellington bud, Critical Jack bud, Jack’s Cleaner bud & Critical Jack strain. 

Some individuals call the Premium Jack strain a Sativa while others call it a full-blown hybrid strain. The strain was developed by the Netherland circa’sSensi seeds in 1990. After that, the strain was taken by Dutch pharmacies or medical practitioners & discovered its medical potential. The therapeutic potential of this weed is just brilliant. It works for a broad range of individuals. The cultivation technique of this bud is pretty simple. It gives a medium-sized yield. 

What Are Premium Jack Bud’s CBD Or THC Contents?

The percentage of THC in Premium Jack Bud is 21 percent & the percentage of CBD in it is 0 percent. The strain comprises 45 percent indica & 55 percent Sativa. So, its indica-sativa ratio is 45:55. It also has a 1 percent CBG. Another ingredient present in this THC strain is Terpinolene. So, because of all these, the calming & energizing effect of this strain is immense. 

What Are Premium Jack Bud’s Flavors & Aromas?

The aromas of this strain are distinct yet delectable, which mostly reminds of the smell of damp & skunky earth. Such a smell is usually found in an old-grown ancient forest. The strain will make you sense your connection with nature. However, after this initial fragrance, you can expect it to deliver you the strong odor of piney or woodsy along with the impending dank scent. 

As regards flavor, the JH strain with citrusy spice also gives you the notes of the flower’s aroma along with an underlying sweetness. This flavor of the strain will leave your taste buds satisfied & pleasured. Sometimes, you will also get some herbal flavor from the strain that is similar to the taste of the leafy green teas. The sugary leaves of the bud primarily appear sagey green. It also possesses coiled orange pistils here & there.  The overall hue from this gets a sharp contrast. The water leaves of this bud are of a bright forest green color. This color pays homage to the piny & earthy fragrances of the old forest. 

Wrapping Up:

So, introduce this crystalline sparkling strain of Jack Herper into your life, especially if you are a beginner & indulge yourself in the child-like delight. You will gain such relaxation & calmness in your mind & body that you will never forget it.

2 reviews for Jack Herer- A Perfect Strain For Newbies Or Beginners

  1. Chris

    Voila! I tried this Jack Herer’s strain, and its aroma was invigorating, with a blend of pine and citrus. The dense buds were covered in a beautiful layer of trichomes. Jack Herer’s strain is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

  2. Miles D. Perry

    Its unique citrus-dominant flavor with a note of skunk and pine makes the whole day. It also helps get your mood better when you seriously having a bad day.

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