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kangvape Onee Stick Blue Razz Ice

  • KangVape Onee Stick 1900 Puffs
  • Disposable Vape took the Onee Stick 1800 Puffs disposable vape pen but pre-filled with 0.3ml more juice, so you can enjoy it longer, and it’s with new unique names

Kangvape Onee Stick Blue Razz Ice features a delicious blend of tangy blue raspberries enhanced with a refreshing blast of menthol.




Kangvape Onee Stick (2000 puffs) Blue Razz Ice 

Kangvape Onee Stick’s (2000 puffs) blue razz ice disposable appliance is an easy-to-carry as well as an ultra-compact vaping appliance that comprises e-juice made of promising quality hemp-derived substances. This product offers you either equal to or more than two thousand puffs of your all-time favourite cannabis product. Also, the device that gives its users a pleasurable experience comes highly flavoured that enriches your unbroken smoking experience. With this vaping merchandise, you will earn a blend of seasoned sticks for strengthening your whole day as well as your mood. 

Kangvape Onee Stick (2000 puffs) blue razz ice – an introduction

This Onee Stick from Kangvape is a powerful vaping device with an immediate draw-activated firing mechanism that will satisfy your taste bud with its blue-razz ice flavour. Also, a perfect quantity of mint has been added to the mixture for flavouring. It’s a top-selling device and is a big option for vapers who like the flavour of a savoury blend of tangy blue-coloured raspberries along with an invigorating blast of menthol. The machine doesn’t require any kind of charging and the settings are not complicated. The device’s sufficient battery power is ideal for providing you with an extended time of vaping. 

Kangvape Onee Stick (2000 puffs) blue razz ice – its features

This disposable device has a powerful battery (built-in) capacity of 1200 mAh. So, you will have to face no tension of the sudden battery run out. Besides, the draw-activated firing mechanism streamlines its operations and makes the battery life of the device longer. Another trait of Kangvape Onee Stick (2000 puffs) blue razz ice is that it encompasses a vast capacity of seven millilitres of salted e-liquid (containing nicotine) within it. 

The level of nicotine in it is nearly 50 milligrams, that is, 5 percent. The sufficient juice volume of the device is at the distinguished level of use-and-throw pre-filled pods, so no unexpected exhaustion of the e-liquid. This device is one of the long-lasting appliances on the market and its size is 19 mm * 109 mm. Its weight is nearly 56 grams. The e-liquid capacity of this device is 7 millilitres. So, in case you want a handy vaping device that will be your voyage supporter, this device is an excellent suit for you. The portability and lightweight dress of this appliance will help you to carry it anywhere else you want. Furthermore, the device’s packaging is leakage-proof. 

Where to get this device?

You can buy this device from anywhere you want- online or offline. If you are eager to buy this device offline you will get a number of vaping stores near your locality selling this device. On the contrary, buying it online will make the device delivered to your doorstep. Some online stores even don’t take the charge of shipping or delivery. This is a plus point to it. Also, you will get the item at a discounted price if bought online.  

Final words

So, Hempercamp as a reviewing website of varied CBD and hemp-derived products has done its responsibility of presenting before you the review of this product, just as it reviews other eminent hemp-derived CBD products. Now, it’s your turn to move a step ahead and buy this blueberry-rich flavoured vaping stick for yourself. You will notice its effectiveness just as you start intaking it. 


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