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Key Lime Pie Strain

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Key lime pie strain is a relatively new strain that is fast spreading in terms of popularity around the globe and within the US. It is slowly becoming many people’s favorite. It is the job of breeders to focus on the creation of new weed strains, which will make you feel relaxed and cheered up the day.



Key lime is another very desirable strain. Also known as Key Lime Cookies or Key Lime GSC, it is very popular for its happy effect. The key lime pie comes with a lime aroma and flavor. It is known for its target calming property instead of energizing the user. It also comes with a very low THC content.

This marijuana type is characterized by its hybrid nature while also having a phenotype of the popular Girl Scout cookies. This is the right type of strain that helps create relaxation in the body. It is also known to relieve chronic pain. Many people love Key Lime pie because of its intense Indica elements as well as its surplus resin production. 

This is a popular strain, which produces a combination of flavors like spice, mint, and lime candy. If you exhale it, you will notice that it produces chocolatey and earthy flavors. Key lime pie has buds that are characterized by small traces of purple shades because of the affinity of the plant toward lower temperatures.

Is Key Lime Pie Strain safe to consume?

Key lime pie is a relatively safe strain to consume. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to take it in small quantities. This way, it is safe for users with any level of weed-smoking experience. When you taste this strain, you will be extremely surprised at its earthy diesel and sweet tint. As it is with the name, you will also get a lime-like, sweet aroma to go with the taste. When it comes to its appearance, this strain looks pretty gorgeous. Apart from its clear green color, you get purple and orange nugs that are covered with glistening crystals. And when you open up the nug, you get to see very bright colors like blue and pink tints in a strain of weed that looks inviting. The healthiest and safest way to consume key lime pie strain is in small doses.

Is the Key Lime Pie Strain legal in the US?

Key lime pie strain is characterized as recreational marijuana due to its effects on its users. It is legal in the US but not in all states. Currently, there are roughly about 21 states in the US, which have legalized the use of strains like Key Lime pie. Although, all states require marijuana sellers to be fully licensed before trying to sell their products. 

Why is the Key Lime Pie Strain popular?

Key lime pie is a very popular strain because it tastes just the way it sounds. It also moderately contains THC (19-22%). It is known for its strong onset of a stoned effect followed by a mild intoxication that induces cerebral clarity. You may be feeling drowsy and sleepy but you will still have a sense of focus and creativity. It is a good solution for people with PTSD. It is suitable for novice users and lives a distinct aftertaste that seems like a smoky lime. However, due to its moderate level of THC and sweet taste, people think it has a mild effect. This is a deceptive property of the strain. 

Where to buy this strain?

Several online platforms sell this special type of strain. However, there are restrictions to buying the strain. To buy this strain, you are either a medical marijuana patient or you should be a minimum of 21 years old. While it could seem scarce sometimes, certain online dispensaries own and sell the strains. This means that you can simply buy this strain from any dispensary around you.

Final Words

Key lime pie is known for its pretty aesthetics. Few strains of marijuana can compare to the beautiful appearance of this strain. While the strain provides a hint of lime, it doesn’t overpower the user. But it is a fast-acting strain that can use to uplift the mind or for general relaxation.

1 review for Key Lime Pie Strain

  1. Antone Denesik

    I recently got my hands on the Key Lime Pie strain, and it quickly became one of my top choices. The aroma was tantalizing, with a zesty citrus punch. Best of all the strains. Loved it!

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