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London Pound cake Marijuana Strain

London Pound Cake strain tastes incredible and will most likely put you in a relaxed state for quite some time, but she has been blamed for assisting with mental issues such as stress, PTSD, and misery. Some people who suffer from genuine agony find that this bud alleviates their symptoms.



The London Pound Cake Strain is a potent cannabis hybrid created by crossing 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. Genetics from the Cookie farm produced the London Pound Cake Strain. However, the THC content is considerable, reaching roughly 29%, while the CBD content is rounded down to zero.

London Pound cake has a 70/30 Indica/Sativa ratio and has the highest THC content of any strain—up to 29% in some situations. The strain takes its Sunset Sherbet ancestry seriously genetically. Heavyweight Seeds, a breeder with headquarters in Spain, combined it with an unidentified Indica to create a revolutionary grape-berry and tropical nut masterpiece.

More About London Pound Cake Strain

The marijuana strain London Pound Cake, sometimes referred to as “Pound Cake,” was created by fusing Sunset Sherbet with an unidentified potent indica. London Pound Cake has a strong berry and grape flavor that is complemented with tangy citrus and lemon undertones.

With overtones of berry, lemon, and pine, this strain tastes excellent and smells fantastic to seasoned users and has a distinctive high.

Flavor & Smell

The flavor of London Pound Cake is more of sour lemon rather than actually tasting like grapes. Only after some searching, when the flavor of a vanilla cookie begins to linger on the exhalation, does the strain begin to take on nutty or doughy qualities. The first thing that comes to mind is the outside—berries, grapes, and pine. As you settle into your couch, the aftertaste is frequently rather fun. There are notes of nutty lemon and sweet berries scattered throughout the earthy and woodsy scent.


London Pound Cake strains range in height from short to normal. They have gritty Indica nuggets and medium-green buds with orange pistils, giving the plant a fruity appearance.

A consumer will be enticed to buy more only by looking at the stickiness, the vibrant pistils covered in trichomes, and the compact densely packed bud.

The London Pound Cake Strain is supremely Indica-looking and branches outwards rather than upwards. This strain’s densely packed nugs are covered in crystals, highlighting the representations of the morning frost. Additionally, depending on the temperature at which the strain is grown, the color of the leaves, which typically range from fiery purple to dark emerald green, intensifies it.

The strain’s nugs fluctuate in color from sage green to olive after drying, and the blooms have a spade-like form.

Growing London Pound Strain

Someone with some experience best cultivates this strain because it demands a bit of prior knowledge and more work than other strains. You will undoubtedly need to prune your plants because their branches tend to grow to be rather heavy and long.

You should have a suitable ventilation system in place and keep an eye on your plants regularly because London Pound Cake is also prone to mold growth. This strain tends to have an above-average blooming time and average yields, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors.


The London Pound Cake Strain is popular for recreational purposes (some may also use it for medicinal purposes). It provides a good high and has an incredible fragrance similar to cake. You will feel the mouthwatering urge to consume more. In addition, it’s easy to grow as long as the cultivator is knowledgeable enough. This strain may have side effects, but it depends on the manufacturer and product quality.


What’s the exact taste of London Pound Cake?

The London Pound Cake Strain has a flavorful mixture of sweetness, citrus, and fresh herbs. This adds a unique taste to it, and you will also feel a strong lemon flavor while inhaling this strain.

What type of strain is the London Pound Cake?

The London Pound Cake is a hybrid strain with more levels of indica, making it indica-dominant. This strain crosses Sunset Sherbet and a hybrid strain (unknown).

Is London Pound Cake a strong strain?

Yes, this strain is a strong weed with around 70% Indica and only 30% Sativa. In addition, it has high THC levels, counting to around 29%. Hence, we can call it a potent strain.

What makes a strain good?

Multiple factors affect how good a strain is. These factors include having fresh and healthy-looking plants with high-end flowers. In addition, they will be visually appealing. Often, flowers with a deep green appearance have good quality.


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