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Mac 1 Strain- The Long-lasting Energy Cum Mood Booster

Want to know about an energy booster strain that is also a mood booster & whose effects last for hours? Well! Mac 1 Strain is it. The strain is purported to carry unusual Sativa genetics from the country of Colombia, which is difficult to find in today’s strains. The strain has remained extremely popular for a time.




MAC 1 has lately become a well-known hybrid cannabis strain within the cannabis community. This strain is created by combining Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15.

This combination has a calming, elevating, and balanced impact. Cultivating MAC 1 is a time-consuming procedure that should be left to the professionals. 

The MAC 1 strain is particularly beautiful with its white look coated with trichomes offering a smooth, creamy, and funky flavor.

MAC 1 Strain Profile

Miracle Alien Cookies X1 (MAC 1), is originally a hybrid strain with a proportional mix of Sativa and Indica strains

This strain profile is a step forward from its predecessor, the MAC strain, thanks to its improvements and additional benefits derived from the DNA. 

MAC 1’s average THC content is noted around 23%, however, some cultivators have reported it to be as high as 30%.

Effects of Mac 1 Strain

Many cannabis users have reported a powerful cerebral and body high, which gives a euphoric, calm, and uplifting feeling after using the MAC 1 strain. 

It is, however, important to remember, that Mac 1, like any cannabis strain, can have both positive and negative effects on the user.

Positive Effects:

  • Uplifted: The MAC 1 has an elevating impact, making people feel happier, more optimistic, and pleased. 
  • Euphoric: This strain is also renowned for providing a powerful euphoric high.
  • Energetic: The MAC 1 strain is known to provide consumers with a rush of energy and motivation, making it a perfect choice for usage during the day. 

Adverse Effects:

  • Dizziness: It is one of the most prevalent side effects of MAC 1. This impact is usually only transitory and may be avoided by remaining hydrated and taking well-intended breaks between each serving.
  • Anxiety: Some users, particularly those who are anxious, may experience anxiety or uneasiness as a result of over-using MAC 1. It is critical, to begin with, a small dose and gradually increase it to discover the optimal dosage for you.
  • Paranoia: Users also cited experiencing paranoia when using MAC 1, which can be highly stressful. It is critical to use this strain in a safe and comfortable atmosphere to prevent overdosing.
  • Mouth and Eye Dryness: MAC 1, like other cannabis strains, can induce dry lips and eyes, which can be alleviated by increasing your water intake.
  • Heart Rate Increase: Some users’ heart rates may increase when using MAC 1, which may be a sign of worry, especially for people with a heart condition. 


    • Trichomes: The most noticeable aspect of the MAC 1 strain is its trichomes. They coat the buds in a thick layer of silvery crystals.
    • Calyxes: MAC 1 buds are rounder or circular because they are coated with thick calyxes. These calyxes contain significant quantities of THC and terpenes and are where the plant’s flowers are created.
    • Bud Form: Mac 1 buds are usually round-ball and cone-shaped, with a pointy tip that is easily broken off. As a result, they are simple to handle and consume.
    • Color: Mac 1 buds are dark olive green with purple tints. Purple undertones are especially visible under proper lighting conditions.
    • Texture: They have a fluffy, airy feel that is simple to break apart. As a result, it is suitable for rolling into joints or packing into pipes.

Flavor and Aroma

This strain has a robust flavor and aroma that gives a euphoric feel to users.

  • Terpene Profile: The MAC 1 strain’s primary terpene is limonene, a compound often found in the peels of citrus fruits. Pinene found in pine trees and other conifers, and caryophyllene, known for its spicy, peppery scent, are two more abundant terpenes. 

Terpenes give this strain its distinctive characteristics, including a funky, pungent fragrance and a smooth orange taste with floral overtones that change to a sweet, earthy finish. 

Almost resembling the iconic Sour Diesel flavor, but with a hint of spicy herb, users have also mentioned a sweet and sour taste that seems to be the mixture of rubber, gas, and lemon peel. 

  • Other Flavors: With MAC 1, you will also experience the below-mentioned flavors:
  • Butter: Mac 1 has a rich, buttery flavor that’s both smooth and satisfying. The buttery flavor is often described as reminiscent of shortbread or a buttery pastry.
  • Vanilla: Along with the buttery flavor, MAC 1 has a distinct vanilla flavor that adds a sweet and creamy note to the overall flavor profile. The vanilla flavor is often compared to vanilla bean ice cream or a creamy vanilla latte.
  • Citrus: As mentioned above MAC 1 also has a subtle citrus flavor that provides a refreshing tang to the overall taste. The citrus flavor is often described as a blend of lemon and grapefruit, with a bright and zesty aroma.

Because of its unique features, the MAC 1 strain has earned a lot of attention from cannabis users. The strain is widely regarded for its eye-catching look, especially its olive green and purple buds coated in a dense covering of trichomes.

While reviewing this cannabis strain, users have noticed an increase in energy as well as a soothing effect, but some users on the other end have experienced no rushing energy, thus making them quite unsettling. 

Other users were also found stating that the effects of the strain kick in quickly, with just one puff sufficing enough to experience its intoxicating effects. The effects begin in the temples and progress to the neck before spreading throughout the body. The sensation has been described as intensely concentrated, euphoric, and soothing.

Overall, people tend to be taken away by the beautiful look, distinct aroma, and incredible benefits of the MAC 1 strain. But, before you rush to your nearby dispensary for this strain, remember to begin with a controlled dosage as a health precaution.


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