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Mac 1 Strain- The Long-lasting Energy Cum Mood Booster

Want to know about an energy booster strain that is also a mood booster & whose effects last for hours? Well! Mac 1 Strain is it. The strain is purported to carry unusual Sativa genetics from the country of Colombia, which is difficult to find in today’s strains. The strain has remained extremely popular for a time.




The full form of Mac 1 is Miracle Alien Cookies #1. This cannabinoid strain is a kind of hybrid strain that came into existence after crossing its parents, Miracle 15 & Alien cookies. The unique but recognizable smell of this strain attracts people to it. It is neither indica-dominant nor Sativa-dominant. The content of both is fifty-fifty in it. The strain of Mac 1 also helps many individuals medically. It makes you pain-free & also strengthens your muscles. Overall, it will make you happy & satisfied. 

Moreover, the strain also strengthens your mood & replenishes you with a lot of energy. These influences of the strain are long-lasting. It also produces incredible trichomes. You can absorb this strain in your body along with foods like Hamburger mac & cheese, classic macaroons & coconut shrimp type of fried rice. Besides, you may also pair it with cookies & cream cocktails, red ale & Mezcal. 

What Is The Mac 1 THC & CBD Contents?

The THC level of the Mac 1 cannabinoid strain is 21 percent & its CBD level is 1 percent. The ratio of indica& sativa in it is 50:50. For this reason, Mac 1’s name can be listed among the best-balanced strain. The consequences of this strain are incredibly arduous to replicate. The best characteristics of Indica, as well as Sativa, are present in it. 

The CBG percentage of the bud is 1 percent. The primary terpenes present in this strain are Limonene (8.4 mg/g), Myrcene (1.5 mg/g) & Caryophyllene (2.5 mg/g). Some more terpenes present in this strain are Beta-Pinene (1.8 mg/g), Alpha-Humulene (2.2 mg/g), Linalool (0.7 mg/g), Guaiol (0.0 mg/g), Ocimene (0.2 mg/g) & Alpha-Bisabolol (1.2 mg/g).

How Are The Mac 1 Buds Grown?

Growing the bud of Mac 1 is a quite difficult task. However, with proper techniques & care, it is possible to grow it successfully. You can grow it in both your indoor environment as well as your outdoor environment. Growing outdoors requires the seed to be planted in June. It’s a bit tough to learn the techniques of its planting & maintenance. 

However, once you are able to learn it, you will be able to properly grow the plants. The strain being greatly temperamental requires some specific environmental circumstances for producing its flowers successfully.  

How’s Mac 1 Bud’s Fragrance & Taste?

The stain’s aroma is very strong, similar to Sour Diesel’s smell. You will also get a spicy fragrance along with it. According to some users, the strain scents strangely like butter. It is also available in the flavours of butter, citrus & blue cheese. The strain has a sweet & gassy zest. 

It tastes smooth & creamy like cheese or butter. The nugs of this plant are usually very dense. They are blanketed in crystalline & milky trichomes’ layers. Besides, Mac 1’s buds are extremely gorgeous and are white in colour. The plant possesses insanely glorious black with a purple combination of leaves. 

Wrapping Up:

So, are you an enthusiast of liquid butter or cheese? Then have Mac 1 for yourself & you will love it. After all, what’s more, pleasing than enjoying your favourite flavour & gaining energy at the same time?


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