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Mag Landrace Strain

The Mag Landrace O 1900 is an Iranian Kush that is widely cultivated in the state of Illinois in the US. This is funny because the Mag Landrace is among some of the unique strains in a state that just legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.



Mag Landrace strain: Introduction

Mage Landras de Verano is a popular strain of marijuana that comes with a characteristic flower. It has a distinctive bright orange hue, with deep purple, which makes it look nearly like golden hair, while also having a thick shaggy trichome blanket.

Mag Landrace is a hybrid strain that is dominated by Sativa. The strain is produced by a Californian farm known as Landrace Seeds. This strain features a blend of pure Sativa and pure Indica. This is the reason why this strain grows easily both indoors and outdoors.

This strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid which means that the strain largely contains Indica. It comes with earthy and fragrant buds that come with heavily frosted trichomes

The Mag Landrace is the cannabis of choice for many connoisseurs. This exquisite flower boasts a 100% pure Iranian blend. It is known for its sweetness and uplifting herbal tinge that delights all the senses of the body. The Mag Landrace o 1900 is the herb that will help you feel phenomenal from your first whiff to your last puff.

Why is this strain popular?

It is very popular because of its high-intensity flower buds. Known as the epic bud from Iran, this strain is very popular among die-hard weed heads in the US.

Mag Landrace is popularly known as Verano in the streets.

People have reported feeling in a good mood, relaxed, and able to focus properly after smoking this herb.

The Mag Landrace is characterized by a complex smell which is due to its long list of distinctive terpenes. Its most dominant terpene is the beta-caryophyllene, however, it also contains impressive amounts of humulene, limonene, and myrcene

Is this strain legit in the US?

In the US, some states have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, some states like Maryland still have some restrictions when it comes to edible strains being used for recreational purposes. To get around the law, many dispensaries rather sell pills, topicals, vapes, and concentrates. Do check the legal rules of the state when you are buying it.

Where to buy this strain?

If you are looking to buy Mag Landrace (Verano) you can check any dispensary based in California. Mag Landrace O 1900 can be bought during the winter season in California. It can get very hot during the summer months. Therefore, you will have to wait it out until the fall season approaches. Also, you can easily buy this strain at any time of the year, if you live in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, or Colorado. The strain is widely available in the state of Illinois.

Is this strain safe to consume?

The Mag Landrace is a relatively safe strain to smoke. Since no known negative effects have been recorded, it is said to be a safe strain to use. This right strain can help you unwind and relax. However, due to its relatively high potency, its trip can overwhelm you. Its effects are because of its Indica contents. 

Many users have reported feeling giggly and sociable after vaping on or smoking Mag Landrace. These initial effects usually subside gradually into a mellowed-out body buzz. 

The Mag Landrace is a strain that contains a high amount of resin as a plant. It can produce a relatively high level of THC. It consistently contains about 25-30% of Indica. Seasoned smokers looking for deep relief will have all the fun smoking this strain. However, people new to the use of marijuana could be overwhelmed by its intense or sedating effects.

Final words

The Mag Landrace O 1900 is a strain that originates from Iran and is propagated extensively in Illinois. It is the perfect bud to hit if you want to feel tingly, relaxed, and sedated. You will love its rich strain flavours which are characterized by spicy/herbal, earthy, and diesel undertones.

The Mag Landrace comes all you want in a herb. It has similar properties to such cannabis varieties as the Kosher Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Hindu Kush, Afghani, and Mag 91.


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