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Mendo Breath Strain

Sometimes, you need the perfect strain that brings all the best features to the table. The Mendo breath strain ticks all the right boxes if you are looking for a strain that packs quite a punch, smells good, and tastes good.



Mendo Breath Strain: Introduction

The Mendo breath strain is a strain of marijuana that is produced simply by blending Mendo Purps with OG KushBreath. Mendo Purps itself is an older hybrid that comes with the blending of White Widow and Train wreck. It is an Indica-dominant strain, which makes it possible for its ability to make you be in a happy condition. It also produces powerful body effects which are used to cause body numbness to stop all types of discomfort and promote feelings of relaxation. It is perfect for people to unwind.

Mendo’s breath comes with caramel and a sweet vanilla smell. This strain can look very tempting to be smoked during the day, it is something that you get to save and smoke before bed or after work. Growers have said that the Mendo Breath strain is delivered in frosty and dense buds, which take about 60 days for flowering. This strain is the origin of the Garlic Breath and the Cactus Breath.

The Mendo strain is nighttime marijuana which is produced from a similar source as the Girl Scout Cookies. However, the Mendo Breath is very different from Cookie strains because it is somewhat zesty and comes with a citrus layer which does not affect the time of the day that it should be taken. 

This strain comes with a THC content of 19% which makes it very potent. It comes with a Sativa/Indica composition percentage of 30% and 70%.

This strain comes with a fresh flavor that is rather enjoyable. It begins with a cerebral stimulation that starts intensely and quickly plays out.

Is this strain safe to consume?

The strain is not causing any side effects in the consumers. Hence, there is no issue with the safety concern. On the good side, this strain is good to consume in small quantities. While the strain offers a sweet aroma, this can be misleading, as this strain is extremely potent. 

Is this strain legal in the US?

The Mendo Strain as a marijuana herb is part of a larger collective of recreational weed that has been declared as a Schedule 1 drug by the US federal laws. However, due to the legalization of marijuana by US state laws, you can easily get this strain from many states in the country.

If you are looking to buy the strain just to grow it, it can be difficult to get because this is a clone-only marijuana strain. You can grow the strain so easily if you can get it from any grown and mature plant. Cannabis cultivators usually grow this strain outdoors or indoors. It is known to survive in any sunny, dry, or warm weather which is reminiscent of the weather of California.

Why is this strain popular?

The Mendo Breath is a strain that is very popular because of its delicious flavor and aroma. It may appear innocent and inviting, do not be deceived by its appearance, this strain comes with a lot of punch.

You can easily identify this Mendo strain by the way it smells. It comes with zesty, sweet notes that offer a vibe that is characteristic of cinnamon and sugar as well as a strong effect of citrus.

When it comes to the flavor of this strain, it tastes just the same way it smells. Smokers are drawn to this strain due to its delicious taste. It tastes like candy because of its caramel and vanilla flavors. Consequently, this Mendo breath strain has many discernible and milder flavors like lemon and pepper but is not as strong as its sweet and intense taste.                                                                                       

Where to buy this strain?

This strain can be bought in dispensaries and many other shops. Also, you can easily buy this strain on many online platforms. You can avail of exciting offers and discounts if you are buying in bulk from the dispensaries. You can also order this strain online and get free home delivery.


The Mendo Breath strain is a popular marijuana clone-only herb that is taken for its recreational benefits. This is the best herb to take if you are looking for something that will help you unwind and relax. This strain promotes a general feel-good experience as it usually makes its user feel deeply relaxed.


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