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Omax MAX SLEEP 300mg 60 Count


  • Phyto-Max Proprietary Blend: Omega-3 Fatty Acids from wild-caught anchovies and sardines: 530 mg (400 mg EPA / 100 mg DHA), 100 mg European sourced Hemp Oil, 100 mg AlphaWave L-Theanine, gelatin, beeswax, glycerin, soy lecithin, purified water, caramel (natural coloring), mixed tocopherols (anti-oxidant)


Omax MAX SLEEP 300mg 60 CountOmax MAX SLEEP is a dietary supplement containing 300mg of melatonin per 60 tablet bottle. It is specifically designed and formulated to help promote restful sleep, regulate healthy sleep-wake cycles, and establish sound sleeping habits.

  • Each fast-dissolving tablet has 5mg of melatonin
  • Comes in a bottle with 60 mint flavored tablets
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Made with premium quality vegan and gluten-free ingredients
  • Can be taken nightly 30-60 minutes before bedtime
  • Aids falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone made in the brain that helps control the body’s sleep-wake rhythm. Levels typically rise in the evening to make us tired and fall in the morning to help us feel awake. Omax MAX SLEEP provides a high-purity melatonin supplement to restore balance to the circadian system.

Melatonin quality

Omax MAX SLEEP is formulated using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade melatonin. It is sourced from reputable suppliers and rigorously tested for purity, potency and safety.

The melatonin powder is precisely encapsulated into tablet form using precision manufacturing processes. The tablets contain a controlled amount of 5mg melatonin, which is an optimal dosage for improving sleep without next-day drowsiness.

Refreshing natural mint flavor

The tablets feature a refreshing natural mint flavor for an enjoyable tasting experience that masks any unpleasant qualities of pure melatonin powder.

  • Made with natural mint and spearmint extracts to provide a cool, smooth minty taste
  • Additional natural sweeteners like xylitol and stevia improve palatability
  • Free of any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • Leaves minimal to no aftertaste or texture issues
  • Advanced flavor encapsulation technology surrounds the melatonin

The minty flavoring makes taking the tablets pleasant and easy. There is no harsh taste or chalky mouthfeel that can occur with low quality melatonin supplements. Each tablet dissolves rapidly under the tongue.

Benefits and effects

Omax MAX SLEEP aims to improve sleep duration, sleep quality, and circadian rhythms through its controlled melatonin content.

Potential benefits users may experience include:

  • Falling asleep faster when going to bed at night
  • Increased total sleep time and staying asleep through the night
  • Improved sleep quality and feeling well-rested
  • Reset of the body’s natural circadian sleep-wake cycle
  • Relief for insomnia symptoms
  • Easier adaptation to time zone changes and jet lag
  • Help for sleep disorders related to shift work

The 5mg per tablet helps induce sleepiness at the appropriate time at night. It provides support for the body’s natural tendency to sleep during nighttime hours. The effects are milder compared to prescription sleep medications. Individual response varies based on innate melatonin sensitivity and sleep habits.


The pleasing aroma from the Omax MAX SLEEP tablets comes from the natural mint and spearmient extracts used to flavor them. When you open the bottle, you will notice a refreshing minty scent.

The melatonin powder itself is odorless. Any aroma during consumption is from the mint ingredients rather than any synthetic compounds. There is no strong medicinal or chemical smell that can occur with poor quality melatonin products.

The minty fragrance cues your mind and body to prepare for restful sleep. But it does not overly linger or perfume the breath after taking the tablet.

Directions for use

Take 1-2 Omax MAX SLEEP tablets daily around 30-60 minutes before your target bedtime. Place the tablets under your tongue, allowing them to fully dissolve before swallowing.

Suggested use:

  • Start with 1 tablet nightly and increase to 2 only if needed
  • Be consistent and take at the same time each night
  • Allow to completely dissolve sublingually for faster absorption
  • Swallowing immediately slows down absorption rate
  • For jet lag, take when bedtime occurs at your destination
  • Avoid daytime use to prevent unwanted drowsiness

Be consistent, allow sufficient time for absorption before bed, and reduce evening caffeine for best results. The tablets dissolve rapidly for convenient use right before bed.

Proper storage

Store the bottle at controlled room temperature away from excess heat, humidity, and light. Keep the bottle sealed tightly when not in use to maintain freshness.

Additional storage tips:

  • Avoid freezing or refrigerating the bottle
  • Do not expose tablets to excess hot or cold temperatures
  • Store bottle in a cool, dark place like a bedside table
  • Protect tablets from moisture exposure inside bottle
  • Ensure children or pets cannot access the bottle

If stored properly, Omax MAX SLEEP retains full potency and integrity for up to 2 years from the manufacturing date. Refer to the bottle label for the official expiration date.

Precautions and warnings

  • Not recommended for children under 18 unless directed by doctor
  • Advise physician about use if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications
  • Use caution when combining with alcohol, sedatives or other sleep aids
  • Never drive or use machinery if feeling drowsy after use
  • Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur
  • Consult doctor for recurring sleep problems

Omax MAX SLEEP offers a highly absorbable form of melatonin to regulate circadian rhythms. The natural mint-flavored tablets provide an easy and pleasant way to support falling asleep faster, extending sleep duration, and waking up feeling refreshed. With routine use, it can help normalize sleep patterns for quality nightly rest.

Quality assurance

Omax adheres to stringent quality control standards and GMP compliance. Each batch is carefully tested to verify:

  • Purity and potency of melatonin
  • Accuracy of 5mg per tablet
  • Containment of allergens
  • Microbial testing
  • Strict specifications for dissolution
  • Conformance to label claims

Omax guarantees optimal quality standards are met for all our dietary supplements. Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered.

The minty fast-dissolving tablets provide an optimal delivery format for melatonin. The tablets mask any unpleasant flavor and allow for convenient rapid disintegration under the tongue.

With its premium purity melatonin and scientific formulation, Omax MAX SLEEP helps consumers achieve healthy natural sleep patterns for improved energy, performance, and wellbeing.