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Pink Champagne Strain

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Light a Pink Champagne joint and prepare for the ultimate uplifting high! This fruity hybrid has a bubbly aftertaste that will leave you wanting more. If you want to put yourself in a good mood, this is the strain for you.



Introduction – Pink champagne strain

Pink champagne is a hybrid strain of marijuana that is produced with a blend of Cherry pie and Granddaddy purple. Pink champagne has several names. It can be called Ken’s Phantom, Wow Kush, Phantom, and Ken’s Kush. 

This is an Indica-leaning hybrid that is made up of 80% of Indica and 20% of Sativa.

This is a rich and potent strain that originates from the Bay Area in San Francisco. It was Ken Estes who originally bred this strain. 

Pink champagne comes with a flavor profile that comes with a mixed berry and grape flavor. 

Why is the Pink champagne strain so popular?

After one puff of this strain, you will feel your world swirl as you crave to hug your sofa. This is why this strain is ideal during the evening or at night. It is the ideal ritual to perform if you are fitting to hit the sack at night. 

Pink champagne is known for making you feel relaxed, happy, and energized. It has a characteristic strain flavor profile of grape, rose, and berry. Other users have reported a slightly yeasty, malty taste with the exhale.

Pink champagne comes with distinctive terpenes that give it its characteristic potency. The most plentiful terpenes in the strain are myrcene, which is closely followed by caryophyllene. And then, there is Pinene.

Myrcene is herbal and is a very common terpene that you easily find in cannabis. It comes with a known earthy scent. Caryophyllene is characterized by its pepper flavor as Pinene comes with a pine taste. 

Is Pink champagne safe to use?

So far, Pink champagne is a relatively safe strain to consume as long as it is taken in small amounts. It is safe for you because there hasn’t been any case of users reporting side effects with this strain. 

Users of the Pink champagne have spoken about its quick-hitting effects. Weed users have reported mild pressure on their temples and faces as soon as the first effects of the weed begin to manifest.

As a popular Bay Area weed strain, it is pretty popular among people who are looking to unwind and relax after working long hours during the day. Because this strain induces a heavy-body experience, it is ideal to be taken in the evenings at sunset. 

Where to buy the Pink champagne strain?

The Pink champagne strain is a very popular weed that can be obtained either through offline dispensaries or online. Many dispensaries also have online platforms with discrete packaging and easy delivery systems. Online stores make it a lot easier for users who do not want to go outside. You can also get this strain on many online platforms. 

You should note that just like every other strain in the US, you must be older than 21 years to be able to buy this strain. Many dispensaries have reliable bartenders that will help you pick the right strain for you to use. Pink champagne can be readily found in many parts of the US, unlike some rare strains.


The Pink champagne is a proud strain from the Bay Area. It has a lot of fans in the US. You get a flavor profile of berries, cherries, and grapes. This is the strain to take if you want to feel as though you just took a bottle of Pink champagne. It is the ideal strain for you to unwind and relax.


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