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Princess haze Strain: Marijuana Strain

Young people can enjoy the strain of parties without any hassle. They can have it outdoors as well as indoor usage. It is a substance for group enjoyment and social gatherings.



The princess is truly majestic with her glory..!

One cannot keep idle without going for her once.

History of Princess haze strain


In the 1970s, Santa Cruz breeders known as the Haz Brothers acquired Sativa seeds from David Watson, also known as Sam the Skunk man, a friend, fellow grower, and neighbor.

A stud Mexican Sativa was crossed with such a germplasm collection Colombian strain by the Haze brothers. The best females then were chosen and crossed with a landrace strain from southern India. Finally, the brothers created Haze by crossing the resultant hybrid with such a Thai landrace male.

Sam the Skunkman sent many of the brothers’ Haze seeds to the Netherlands, where he marketed them as Cultivator’s Choice genetics. Breeders were so taken with the strain’s elevating properties and stability that it quickly provided the genetic foundation for some well-known phenotypes and hybrids, notably Neville’s Haze, Amnesia Haze, Purple Haze, and others.

Princess haze strain is an awesome powerhouse comprised of Cinderella 99 and Super Silver Grail Haze with a very earthy flavor and 70% SATIVA and high in THC inside it. It is a Resin production out of above mentioned main strains. Princess carries a unique taste with no sign of any hybrid process or so. The flavors are Citrus, fruity with tropical.

This princess is easy to harvest either indoors or outdoors and takes 9 to 10 weeks to get ready as Rock hard buds with resinous properties. The normal time to harvest outdoors for the princess is October mostly. The Princess is a highly effective strain with a great level of yield.

The flavor starts sweet. It gives a pleasant feel with immediate effect. Princess Haze’s nags are generally dark green and thick, with yellow pistils covering many of them.

One can roam in the world of relaxation without any hard taste. A royal feel with immediate effect for anyone loving it to have.

Young people can enjoy the strain of parties without any hassle. They can have it outdoors as well as indoor usage. It is a substance for group enjoyment and social gatherings.

An original composition of Marijuana

Cannabis sativa L. (hemp, marijuana), a diploid (2n = 20) outcrossing plant with male and female inflorescences on separate plants, belongs to the Cannabaceae family (dioeciously). Dioecy is found in roughly 6% of any angiosperm plant species and is thought to have originated from a hermaphrodite ancestor.

Marijuana plants are grown for their psychotropic ingredients, which are created in the terpenes that form on the flower bracts of female inflorescences.  Hermaphroditic inflorescences have been observed to form spontaneously on rare occasions.  Anthers (varying from a few to several) may form within the axils of the leaves or in spikelet flower buds; however, these plants produce mainly female inflorescences. Exogenous administrations of different compounds.  As well as environmental pressures have been shown to cause hermaphroditic inflorescences, indicating that external triggers and epigenetic variables may play a role. Due to their ability to self-pollinate, hermaphrodite flowers are functionally monoecious, although the influence of self-fertilization on reproduction is unknown.

Morphology of Marijuana 

Sativa/ Indica hybrid with compact stature and two major phenotypes: two-thirds of the population forms single-cola Christmas trees, while another third forms multi-headed bushes. Due to the high density of the buds, both genotypes are severe resin producers which yield exceedingly well. Sweet tropical blossoms to caustic, nasty stinkers are among their delectable smells.

Cinderella 99, the female nicknamed “The Grail,” was crossed to a select Super Silver Haze male to produce the SSGH male. The consequence of recombining those genes was a true gem: this male gave the progeny potency, aggressive development, and large, strong branches.

The “Princess Haze” plants that result have a much stronger branch structure than Princess, and the buds resemble Princess on steroids. The resin output is incredible, resulting in a fuzzy white coating on the flowers the bud leaves. The majority of the aromas are pleasant, tropical fruits and incense, but some handfuls are dank stinkers.

Cannabis consumers enjoy those kinds of smells, and the intensity of any genotype is incredible; the high hits you right away, with a spiritual glow and tingly that grows stronger with each inhalation you take. Consider Cinderella 99, but with bigger, resinous blooms.


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