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Punch Breath Strain

The punch breath strain looks like a bud that comes into its own after dinner. This is a good strain for an experienced weed head. It isn’t recommended for beginners at all. 




Punch breath strain: Introduction

The Punch breath is a weed strain that is a hybrid. It is produced by blending the Purple punch with the Mendo breath. This is why it shares their names, This strain comes with a tangy, earthy, and pungent-smelling flower. It tastes as if you have sweet berries easily swirled in cookie dough. 

The Punch breath is a strain of cannabis that comes with a pretty flower. Its flowers have a characteristic light green with a combination of streaks of purple, orange, and red shades. It also has rich-looking trichomes.

As a hybrid strain, it is an Indica-leaning flower that is composed of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. 

It comes with a very high level of THC which at 30% is within the super-strong range. This strong feature is what makes the Punch breath strain such an appealing herb for dedicated weed heads.

It also has a rich terpene profile which adds to its appeal. This one has a composition of humulene, limonene, myrcene, Pinene, and caryophyllene.

Why is this strain popular?

Weed heads fancy the Punch breath due to its strong trippy feeling that instantly hits your head and body. Smokers love this strain because of its “punchy” type of effect which hits you rather hard. 

The resultant effect of its trippy feeling is to leave you blessed out, tingly, uplifting, and relaxed. Many users have also reported such effects as feeling happy, focused, and a strong urge to hit the sack.

Also, this strain is best for socializing, mood-boosting, and going out for the night.

Where to buy this strain?

The Punch breath is a very popular strain that is available for purchase through online stores and offline dispensaries. Many offline dispensaries also have online platforms with discrete packaging services. If you are not feeling like going outdoors, you can easily order your strains through numerous online suppliers and growers. Before you can buy your Punch Breath strain, you have to be over 21 years old.

There are many store attendants and marijuana connoisseurs that can help you choose the right variety for your enjoyment. This strain can be found in most parts of the US and Canada.

Is this strain safe to consume?

This strain is relatively safe, but it is not recommended for smokers who are new to the marijuana metaverse. 

There haven’t been any known incidents with the herb which means that you can enjoy it when taken within the recommended quantity.

Also, if you have a low tolerance for cannabis, this is not the herb for you. This is not the strain to decide for your friend who is curious about cannabis.

It is super-potent that it knocks you out almost as a punch would. However, you need to have some stamina to resist this “punchy” effect.

Is this strain legal in the US?

For citizens of the USA, this is a legal marijuana strain. However, you have to be older than 21 years to be able to enjoy the punch breath strain. This strain can be bought in offline stores or through online dispensaries. This is a strain that is very common in any part of the USA. It is known to produce the following effects of having munchies, relaxation, and uplifts your spirit.

Final Words

The punch breath is a strain that deviates from the usual green marijuana color. Rather, you have a herb that comes with a dominant orange color. Offering such flavors as pear, berry, and blue cheese, the Punch Breath strain offers a rare smoking experience that only marijuana heads can understand. Ensure that you are purchasing from reputable and branded merchants.


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