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Purple Chemdawg Strain

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Mad purps are prized by cannabis connoisseurs all over the world. They give our cherished buds a psychedelic look. Purple Chem is one of these purps, and it has a stunning beauty and high potency.




Mad props are prized by cannabis connoisseurs all over the world. They give our cherished buds a psychedelic look. Purple Chem is one of these props, and it has stunning beauty and high potency. This Indica/Sativa cross can bring up some profound and powerful experiences.

Chem 91 Clone and Pre-98 Bubba BX2 Male are the parents of this strain. Purple Chem includes similar feelings to Chemdawg or Diesel variants. In addition, the purple nugs emit pungent fragrances that provide cannabis users with delectable pleasures.

Purple Chem blooms in 8-9 weeks and produces large harvests, primarily when grown outdoors. If a stealthy operation is intended, the strong scents must be hidden.

About Purple Chemdawg Strain

Cali Connection has created a winner in Purple Chemdawg by using historic genetics to create a variety that is virtually famous in its own right. The cultivators have also generated a less popular variation from Chemdawg 91, and Pre-98 Bubba Kush called Purple Chem,” an Indica-dominant bud hybrid between Chemdawg and Granddaddy Purple. Regardless of your route, you’ll be treated to various entertaining effects as well as a robust yet pleasant flavor.

Purple Chemdawg’s most frequent variety has a THC content of 21%, making it ideal for both seasoned and inexperienced users who want to take a risk. Purple Chemdawg strain is high and very powerful. Therefore users should take it slowly with this one.

In perfect conditions, it is known to produce massive yields. Purple Chemdawg strain thrives indoors and out, thanks to its resistance to various pests and issues. Late in the growth cycle, growers who wish to bring out the strain’s purple colors can expose plants to colder temperatures.

Purple Chemdawg seeds are available. Clones of this strain may be purchased straight from cultivators.

Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Sticky, dense buds are entirely coated in resin, almost like they’ve been wrapped in sugar. Purple Chemdawg has a sweet earthy grape flavor and a sweet earthy grape scent with a dash of sour diesel. This strain incorporates dense and bright neon green nugs. It has thick flaming orange and deep blue hairs that are hairy and fluffy. In addition, you would also notice purple overtones on this strain. A thin covering of trichomes and syrupy sweet resin coats these nugs.

Pungent chemicals and sweet grapes are the most commonly reported scents of Purple Chemdawg strain. It’s claimed to have a skunk, chemical, lemon, and sweet grape flavor. Purple Chemdawg strain has a distinct aroma and terpene profile. This is the genuine deal: musky grape scents are carried by tones of diesel petroleum fuel, sending you on a terpene rollercoaster. Its lineage puts a great twist on the taste with authentic old-school grape flavor, making it a must-puff for the gas lovers around here.

Origin of Purple Chem Strain

Born from the popular strains as discussed above, the Purple chem is a strain from a grand lineage. Its flavors and smell will show you the influence of its parent strains, Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg. As per some users, it provides a well-balanced experience for recreational purposes. Some users even state that this strain pairs best when you just want to laze around watching movies or have a lazy day at home.


Can people cultivate Purple Chem at home?

This strain tastes sweet of earth, grapes, and a tinge of sour diesel, making it ideal for an after-dinner pleasure. The first effects feel like a head rush behind the eyes, gradually fading into a full-body wave of relaxation. Individuals typically become more creative while high, but don’t get too enthusiastic just yet – your to-do list will likely be ignored as you’ll be whisked into a sedative and sleepy mood.

Where did Purple Chemdawg originate?

Purple Chemdawg, often known as Purple Chem, is a strain developed by the Cali Connection team in Southern California.

How high is purple Chem?

Purple chem includes 21% of THC, making it a mild high. Its overall top-notch flavor with high effects would feel amazing. If you are an experienced THC consumer, you will love this strain. However, if you are a beginner, it’s better if you start with little quantities. acc

Can we call the Purple Chemdawg strain a legendary strain?

In a way, we can. Purple Chemdawg strain is the resulting strain from the mixture of 2 legendary strains, making it a legendary strain. However, it’s less potent compared to its parent strains.