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Purple Dream Strain

Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream were crossed by unidentified breeders to produce Purple Dream Strain. It is a well-balanced hybrid strain with even blends of Indica and Sativa.



What is Purple Dream Strain?

Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream were crossed by unidentified breeders to produce Purple Dream Strain. It is a well-balanced hybrid strain with even blends of Indica and Sativa.

Some breeders claim Purple Blue Dream to be an outcome of a cross between Blue Dream and Purple Kush. It tastes musty and has a pronounced sour grape aroma.

What is the Appearance of Purple Dream Stains?

The purple Dream strain’s main distinguishing feature is its unusual aroma. Purple Dream buds are as dark purple as their name would imply. Additionally, trichomes undoubtedly abound in Purple Dream. It is a stunning hybrid strain variety that produces vibrant buds with hues of purple and emerald. The buds have flecks of dark brown. The pistils appear to be yellow and orange. The nugs are dense and dark. Purple Dream is noted for having a citrusy and earthy aroma.

How is the Taste and Aroma Purple Dream Strain?

The aroma of Purple Dream is therapeutic. With notes of grape and blueberry enhanced by floral and pine overtones, the flavour and aroma are both extraordinary. Depending on your taste and preference pattern, the purple Blue strain could be the most delectable strain you’ve ever tried.

The scent is unique, combining extremely sweet notes with artificial purple candies. This does carry the Blue Dream Genetic lineage very well, as evidenced by the hazy aspect that comes through with a hint of peppery spice. However, if sniffed through clear glass, a lot of the fruity fragrance will hit the back of the tongue. Spicy haze is the predominant flavor.

What are the Dominant Terpenes in the Purple Dream Strain?

Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene are the significant terpenes in the Purple Dream strain. Myrcene is said to have calming effects. Pinene showers the strain with earthy and woody notes. Caryophyllene imparts a spicy flavor.

Can Consumers Cultivate Purple Dream Strain at their House?

A purple Dream is a fantastic option because it is simple to grow and may thrive in most environments. The buds are fond of the warmth of the sun, so an outside setup will quickly produce plants that are taller than 8 feet. You must allow them 7 to 8 weeks to flower, and you’ll have plenty of delicious-smelling nugs in your indoor garden. Pruning and low-stress training are the best methodologies to increase the air pressure and exposure to sun rays while lowering the pest and disease burden. The plant can grow to a maximum height of 8 feet or 2.44 meters. The structure is conical and shaggy, with lateral branches growing that are almost as long as the main stem. Yields are entirely dependent on the genetic history of the seeds you purchase. As a result, it is an appropriate variety for the SCROG method.

What is the THC and CBD Content in Purple Dream Strain?

Purple Dream is a rather mild strain in terms of THC content, usually hovering between 12 percent and 15 percent. The CBD content remains at 1 percent. The inhalation is usually sugared and delightful, while the exhale is musky, earthy, pungent, and occasionally spicy.

What is the Genetic History of Purple Dream Strain? What are the Characteristics of the Parent Strains?

Granddaddy Purple: Granddaddy Purple, is sometimes referred to as “Granddaddy Purp” and “GDP”. It is dominated by Indica. The mild THC content makes the strain suitable for beginners. Fruity undertones are inherited by this delectable strain from its parents, Big Bud and Purple Urkle.

Blue Dream: Blue Dream strain has a sweet flavor and a tangy blueberry aroma. Blue Dream, a hybrid created by crossing Blueberry and Haze, has a slight Sativa dominance. The majority of experts stated that this mainstream strain originated in California.


Purple Dream Strain isn’t necessarily the most challenging strain you’ll ever grow. In reality, compared to other strains, it is rather easy to grow. You will taste a robust grape flavor along with improved earthiness when you consume the Purple Dream strain. You’ll be astounded as the delicious berry flavor enters your mouth and lingers there for a while. The strain’s popularity is soaring high with strain sprouting up in pot shops and dispensaries. Purple Dream strain can be found in abundance in the state dispensaries of Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington.