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Purple Punch 1g Cartridge

It is the outcome of cross-breeding between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Purple Punch combines all of Granddaddy Purple’s flavors to create a potent blend that has many of the same effects as Larry OG.



Purple Punch 1g Cartridge

The Purple Punch 1g cartridge is excellent if you enjoy cannabis that has a sweet and citrusy flavor. It delivers a delectable sweet blast with a flavor profile reminiscent of blueberry muffins and grape candies. Breeders now utilize Purple Punch so often as a starting point for new genetics since it has grown to be such a well-liked strain.

What is Purple Punch?

Purple Punch is high on indica content. Indica dominates 80% of the strain. It was first introduced to us by Supernova Gardens. It is the outcome of cross-breeding between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Purple Punch combines all of Granddaddy Purple’s flavors to create a potent blend that has many of the same effects as Larry OG. For use in smoking and vaping, this strain is frequently infused into cartridges.

How Does Purple Punch Smell Like?

Rich flavors of sweet grape combine with other distinct aromas to create Purple Punch’s quite identifiable scent. There is no doubting that Granddaddy Purple is the ancestor of this exquisite bloom. Some people may be able to discern elements of spice in its aroma when they inhale the purple punch vape juice from the cartridge because of its high caryophyllene content. Pinene and limonene are some of their other terpenes.

How is Purple Punch in Terms of Flavor?

With its complex flavors and overtly sweet undertones, this delectable dessert-like strain is winning hearts when incorporate into cartridges. Purple Punch tastes just as wonderfully sweet as it smells, with the berry and grape notes coming through when you inhale from the cartridge. When you exhale, Purple Punch’s mellow blueberry flavor predominates while the sweetness increases and lingers to produce a nice aftertaste.

What is the Appearance of Purple Punch?

Purple Punch is a stunning bloom to behold because of its amazing assortment of anthocyanins. The striking purple leaves of the plant exhibit Granddaddy purple-like purple colors as the plant matures. The puffy, vivid green buds have a thick layer of icy trichomes covering them. The plant’s vibrant beauty is further enhanced by the bright orange-colored pistils that protect the nugs at the time of harvest.

What are the THC Content and CBD Content in the Purple Punch 1g cartridge?

The highest THC content of the Purple Punch 1g cartridge is thought to be 20 percent. A maximum of 1% cannabidiol or CBD is present in the cartridges. Vaping equipment is available in a huge variety of forms, dimensions, and hues. When a liquid is heated, an aerosol is created that may contain flavorings and other additives that initially make vaping feel less restrictive than smoking. Purple Punch extracts are delivered to the consumer by inhaling this liquid into the lungs, which is then expelled through the mouth or nose.

What are Some of the Parts and Pieces of the Purple Punch 1g Cartridge? How Do They Function?

To increase the flow of strong Purple Punch vape juice to the heating coil, the cartridges usually have several wicks. Before you realize it, a mist is produced and easily gripped or inhaled. Regardless of whether they are disposable or rechargeable, they are made up of several parts and sections.

> Mouthpiece: The vape has an air intake chamber. Air is sucked into the vaporizer using the air intake chamber. Vapor is produced more easily as a result.

> Cartridge/Tank: Purple Punch or any other extracts are stored and contained in the cartridge or tank area.

> USB cable: A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is used as the vape’s power source. The device can occasionally be charged via a USB cable.

> Atomizer: An additional component of the vape is a heating coil that elevates the temperature of the e-liquid to a certain level.

> Sensor: When the vape is used, a sensor recognizes this and activates the atomizer.


Purple Punch 1g cartridge has been the latest obsession to take advantage of the unique strain and got a legal stamp. The Purple Punch Strain is a superior-quality strain with an AAA rating. The Purple Punch 1g cartridge is made from superior quality THC-O obtained from hemp and contains only raw cannabis terpenes for the best possible flavor and aroma. The 1g cartridge provides a relaxing high that is ideal for lounging alone or wrapping up in a blanket.


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