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Purple Punch Strain: Know Everything About It

Have you heard about Cannabis strains? Purple Punch Strain is one such strain. It’s the union of 2 Indica-dominant classics in a sweet & peaceful way. It originates from breeding the Larry OG classics with Granddaddy Purple to form an astonishing trichome-laden compound. 




It may be defined as a hybrid that is Indica-dominant & which boasts an 80:20 ratio (80/20) of cannabis indica to Sativa. With a purple punch strain, one will get much of his body-melting corporal effects related to Larry OG, with all GDP flavors rendering a relaxed feeling out of a bud.  

If you are someone who cherishes sweets, you will definitely like this purple-colored fragrant cannabis because of its distinctive aroma, full of the sweet smell of grapes. However, the offspring of Granddaddy Purple may not be liked by those who are not buff of sweet buds. The mouth-watering aroma of this flower is a combination of both sweet & sugary notes. You will find in this cannabis, a fusion of freshly-baked blueberry muffins & the grape-flavored Kool-Aid.

Though there are many cannabis in the US that are violet, this marijuana strain is not violet but purple in color. It’s not only aromatic but also flavorful as well. The dessert-like purple punch is deliciously sweet in taste & the sweetness carves & lingers, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. So, thank the mystery breeders who have brought this Purple bud into the lives of people. Experience the burst of flavor of this Punch & its effects & you will crave it again & again.  

Is The Purple Strain Flower Popular? 

Yes, this purple punch bud is very famous, especially in the US. In the year 2018, this purple-colored strain became so well-known that a number of patients or cannabis enthusiasts were eager to have it. They used to buy this strain regularly for them, resulting in a shortage of marijuana strains at that time. Even nowadays, it’s no less popular. The reason for its popularity is its deeply soothing effects & luscious flavor.

What Does The Purple Punch Bud Look Like?

The Purple Punch bud is a delightful & beautiful flower to behold that comprises a fantastic collection of anthocyanins. The GDP-like purple hues of a mature purple strain are greatly noticeable in the plant’s extraordinary purple leaves. If you see or touch a Purple-colored strain bud, you will enjoy its fluffiness & vibrant green hue. The buds have a substantial covering of frosty trichomes. During harvest time, the bright orange pistils encircle the nugs to add a colorful appearance to the plant. 

Is Purple Strain Safe For You To Consume?

Yes, Purple Strain is safe to consume for you. In fact, it’s an amazing medical strain, which will give you relaxation, calmness, peacefulness & tranquility.  Its THC content is 20 percent, which is normal & CBD content is 1 percent, which is very low. As regards its THC content, the highest test percentage is 20, the strain average is 10 percent & the indica average is 12.5 percent. Thus, purple punch is great medicine for coolness that will give you giggles the full time of the day. It will convert you into a happy & steady human being. After the whole day’s work, if you have it & you will get a feeling of respite. 

Final Thoughts: 

So, whether your choice is a delightfully sweet taste or a strain that produces an energetic effect, the purple-colored strain is your perfect suit. And, the time of taking in this strain is totally up to you. Take it in the evening while you relax on your sofa watching any TV show or movie or at nighttime for a fresh wake up in the morning.


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