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Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid HHC Vape Cartridge

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After years of confusion and conflicting opinions, Cannabis is now an integral part of people’s daily lives. Citizens of the United States of America consider hemp and cannabis as necessities to complete their days.  




What is Rainbow Sherbet?

Rainbow Sherbet refers to a hybrid cannabis strain that emerged from a fruitful combination of Blackberry and Champagne that took American citizens by storm due to its attractive taste. The strain got its birth from Apothecary Genetics where a team of professionals used their cannabis combination knowledge to discover the strain. Apothecary Genetics earned quite some fame for their strain discoveries like berry and herb notes that offer a relaxing feeling to CBD users. 

The potency of Rainbow Sherbet is at the higher end with a THC dominance of approximately 14.67% to 16.33%. Conversely, the CBD content remains quite low with somewhere between 0.75 to 1.19%. With the subtle presence of sugar and fruits, the Rainbow Sherbet takes people in awe. As the THC content happens to be higher than the other hemp or CBD strains, the experts recommend that beginners initiate with lower doses. When it comes to the experienced CBD population of the US, they can opt for higher doses.

How does Rainbow Sherbet grow?

Under normal circumstances, Rainbow Sherbet takes around 43 to 63 days to complete its growth. There are no excessive hassles in growing this strain as one can grow it both indoors and outdoors. The CBD flower looks alluring once it reaches the epitome of maturity; green nugs shaped like a lemon, along with amber trichomes and orange hairs, act as perfect decorations over it.

Is Rainbow Sherbet legal in the USA?

There were a lot of legal hurdles that prevented the hassle-free selling of hemp and CBD. After years of rigorous research, various government-accredited labs and other third-party labs around the United States vouched for their safe and recreational consumption among the citizens. Considering all these, the federal government of the United States of America passed the Farm Law of 2018, legalizing the sale and consumption of hemp and marijuana in the US. 

The legal margin set was for cannabis products with 0.3% or lower THC. Conversely, Rainbow Sherbet contains higher amounts of THC. Here the trick lies in reducing the THC content in the Rainbow Sherbet products and selling them legally.

Content Profile of Rainbow Sherbet

Earlier, we talked about the THC and CBD content of Rainbow Sherbet. For the people who do not know, these two are just a part of the extended content profile of the cannabis strain. Following is approximate information about the content profile that every purchasing individual should consider;

  • Cannabinoid Profile:
  • THC- 14.67- 16.33%
  • CBD- O.75- 1.19%
  • CBC- 0.28 – 0.91%
  • CBN- 0.05- 0.25%
  • CBG- 0.17- 0.61%
  • THCV- 0.22- 0.70%
  • Rainbow Sherbet Terpene Profile
  • Myrcene- 0.35%
  • Humulene- 0. 13%
  • Pinene- 0.08%
  • Ocimene- 0.01%
  • Caryophyllene- 0.21%
  • Linalool- 0.09%
  • Limonene- 0.14%
  • The total terpene content in Rainbow Sherbet is around 1.01%

All the content measurements are approximate ones, and such profiles can differ from one product type or company to another.

Are the Rainbow Sherbet products safe for consumption?

People had a lot of contradicting opinions concerning the consumption of cannabis and hemp without degrading health. Over the last few years, third-party labs around the United States proved all such myths wrong by finding that it is safe for human consumption. While other cannabis strains have lower THC content, Rainbow Sherbet has a bit higher. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about as the products might get lower strain concentration, thus making them safe and legal for consumption.

Here, people should take cognizance of their medical conditions before opting for their purchase. One should get their necessary tests done and discuss with their concerned doctor the ailments they suffer from. Only when the doctor allows its consumption after thorough checks, it’s fit for the person’s use. 

Best Brands selling Rainbow Sherbet

Numerous brands in the market claim to sell the highest quality hemp or CBD. Here, one must be cautious as not every brand or seller can be trusted. You must look into their certifications and authentic selling reviews to understand their service patterns. In addition, there are a lot of brands in the US market that compromise on product quality for greater profit margins, thus inducing harm to the user’s body later. When you decide to buy your Rainbow Sherbet, consider the following brands;

  • Cornbread Hemp
  • CBD American Sherman.
  • Exhale Wellness.
  • CBD md.
  • Green Gorilla.

Is Rainbow Sherbet costly?

The existence of various online cannabis stores makes it possible for their availability at lower prices. The exciting offers and enticing discounts encourage a buyer to pay less than the original price.

Final Thoughts

Get yourself the much-needed relaxation that you have been craving! Cannabis flower strains Rainbow Sherbet is a perfect company during those moments, with berry and fruity flavors being the cherry on top.


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