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Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Indoor Rainbow Sherbet, like a warm summer day from your childhood, is an uplifting Sativa strain from our farm program. This stellar new addition to our indoor program, bred from an isolated Lifter phenotype, is a tart and tasty trip down memory lane.




Rainbow Sherbet strain- Introduction 

Rainbow Sherbet strain is the ideal type of marijuana that is obtained from blending Blackberry and Purple Champagne. Considering its genetics, it is obvious that it follows a fine pedigree of potent strains that rock all the right boxes.

This is a marijuana strain that is described as an even hybrid. As a balanced strain, you get a 50%/50% composition of Indica/Sativa.

Rainbow Sherbet works for you if you are looking for a bid that tastes extremely great while also having a well-balanced potency.

This strain is so potent that its trip almost hits you instantly as soon as you take your first puff. You also witness a cerebral energy rush which uplifts your spirits and enhances your creativity as well as focus.

As soon as your mind brightens up, you will feel your body relapse into a relaxed state. Its strong manifestation in your body is due to its relatively concentrated level of THC (20-22%). 

The strain is characterized by nugs that are shaped like a lemon and come in a forest green color and slim orange hairs which have a thick frosty external coating which has tiny crystal trichomes that are amber-colored.

Sherbet cones with an all-star terpene profile that is made up of terpinolene, B-myrcene, and B-caryophyllene.

Why is the Rainbow Sherbet strain so popular?

People have reported that this strain comes with a marked taste with hints of fruit and sugar. It is a popular hybrid due to its notable strain flavors which are tree fruit, nutty, and chemical in profile. 

The strain comes with an excellent berry fruit flavor with a notable sweetness which has a sugary exhalation as well as hints of fresh mints to it. You also get a very fruity and earthy aroma as well as an overtone of sweet berry which is accentuated by the fresh mint.

If you smoked this strain, it will leave you extremely chilled out while making you sufficiently focused to do something inspiring or creative. 

Many people take this strain due to its ability to make the body free and relaxed. At once, it gives way to feelings of relaxation, giggliest, and arousal. Also, a super calm feeling is highly popular with this strain.

Is it safe to take the Rainbow Sherbet strain?

The Rainbow Sherbet strain is produced by reliable and authorized marijuana dealers that only make a pure breed of the herb. For people who are worried about the safety of their Rainbow Sherbet herbs, they are recommended to buy this weed from authorized resellers and outlets that buy straight from the manufacturers. 

Also, many makers of this strain do not comply with recognized industry standards. You should avoid them for good. Finally, no known negative outcomes have been associated with this strain. Feel free to kick back and vibe to this bud any time you feel like it.

Many users of this weed strain have reported feeling relaxed, giggly, and aroused afterwards.

How to buy the Rainbow Sherbet strain? Where to buy the Rainbow Sherbet strain?

When it comes to the Rainbow Sherbet strain, it can be rare in some areas. However, if you are lucky, this flower can be obtained easily in dispensaries and many shops. It is also sold online through special growers and dispensaries. If you do not feel like going outdoors, you can order online and have it delivered straight to you with discrete packaging. 


The Rainbow Sherbet is a flower that is guaranteed to make you hit those happy notes when you take your first puff. On your initial smoke, you will feel a very strong mental effect of Sativa, while it gives you that upliftment and energy that you crave. With the right aroma to go with the taste and appearance, this strain is highly recommended for almost any weed head and beginner.


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