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Runtz Weed Strain

If you need the right weed strain to float you over the rainbow and into Neverland to see Peter Pan, this is the right strain. It isn’t called the Runtz OG for anything. This is a new strain that will take you as a stoner to new levels of excitement. It literally brings you out of your shell and makes you talkative




Runtz Strain: Introduction

This Runtz strain is also called the Runtz OG which is a rare hybrid of marijuana. The Runtz strain is produced by mixing Gelato and Zkittlez. Runtz had a fantastic 2020 (top-selling strain in the year 2020) and was named the strain of the year 2020 by many wholesale growers.

This popular marijuana strain comes from Los Angeles and comes with a lovely fruity flavor. 

And it sure has the genes of its parents. Runtz is the source of both Tropical Runtz and Pink Runt

This strain gives you a 50/50 thrill that begins with the eyes and the head. This sparks an instant thrill that keeps you motivated with positive energy and peace of mind. The strain for the first two hours or one helps provides you with the ability to concentrate for the day while keeping you energetic. 

These nugs come with thick layers of resin. This is why it can be extremely powerful in any way it is used.

It has been praised for its ability to keep you relaxed while being able to make you have munchies. Are you thinking it’s legal or not in the US? To answer this, the Runtz strain is among the marijuana collective that has been legalized in different states in the US. But at the federal level, it is still not legal.

Is this strain safe to consume?

This strain doesn’t cause any side effects. No media have also reported such incidences. Therefore, it is considered safe. But, you should know that this strain has a rather high level of THC. This strain provides a level of THC that is just right at 29%. Inhaling a few puffs will give you the instant relaxation that you need. It will also stimulate your mind as you feel the rush of instantly renewed energy.

Why is this strain popular?

This Runtz strain is loved due to its exceptionally fruity flavor which smells the same way as your lovely bag of sweet candies. Runtz as a marijuana strain keeps increasing in popularity due to its unique features. You will love this strain due to its characteristic creamy smoke which you will find welcoming and smooth. This strain comes with an amazing visual appeal and this is something that you can’t deny. While the thrills that it offers and the flavor profile may not be typical, the vibrant packaging makes this strain an instant bestseller. 

Runtz comes with an appealing aroma that jumps right off the package and immediately clings to your dress. This strong aroma is rare among strains with fruity smells. However, this just confirms the fact that it is a potent strain.

When it comes to flavor, Runtz is able to maintain that exciting appeal that comes from a smooth transformation from its aroma to its smoke. 

Another final that makes Runtz such a popular strain is its association with music. Many American music makers are loyal users of this strain. As a result, the marijuana strain has enjoyed a wide range of publicity from the fan bases of these artists. These rappers also double up as intelligent businessmen who used the marketing power of music to spread the popularity of the strain. According to Genius, more than 100 hip-hop songs have the word “Runtz” added to their lyrics.

Where to buy this strain?

This strain can be bought from both dispensaries and wholesale growers. Also, it can be bought in a lot of stores and many online platforms. When you buy online, you get ample discounts and other offers. This is why most people prefer to buy them online. In addition, you also get free home delivery of strains within a few business days.


The Runtz strain is one of the most popular marijuana types and originated in California. As a hybrid of two commonly used strains, it inherits a lot of properties from both parents. While it may be incredibly potent, Runtz is a rare strain for you to enjoy.


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