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Slurricane Strain- A Sweet Pain-free Relaxation After A Hectic Day

Slurricane, a sort of pre-made rum cocktail, though not having a good taste, once was so popular that it persuaded to fetch a commercial release some 7 years ago. Instead of getting flared like Casamigos, an ironic spin of fate made this strain celebrity liquor, which left an eternal imprint on cannabis. 



Slurricane may be defined as an indica-dominated strain that is made by crossing Purple Punch with the Do-Si-Dos from In-House Genetics. Its sweet flavour of sugary berries & subtle grape lures many consumers to buy it. If you feel full all the time & don’t like to eat, the strain will bring out your hungry side & make you feel loosened up. The abundant terpene present in Slurricane is none other than caryophyllene, which is followed by Limonene (citrus) &pinene (pine). The child of Slurricane is Slurricrasher.  

The fruit salad flavour of the Slurricane strain is available with a skunky & piney twist. If you are a fan of Grape Ape, Classic Skunk, Bazookies, or Kush strains, you will probably like this cannabinoid strain. It’s better if you have this strain at nighttime as it is versatile & relaxes you at night. It leaves enough juice within your body & mind for completing a project the next day. The bright colour of the plant appears right out of a drunken wine cooler. 

Some characteristics of a slurricane are quite modern. For example, its fruity flavour profile, its powerful impact that traverses the line between one’s mind & body & its wide hide of trichomes are some traits that can’t be called traditional or outdated. With the Slurricane sessions, you will be able to uber-focus on a single task at a time. The strain will help you build great concentration. 

How’s This CBD Strain Appear, Smell & Taste?

Slurricanes appear bright green & possess a heavy coat of minor-sized trichomes. It seems as if it has been ladled in glow-in-the-dark dye. The sprouts of this plant attempt to stretch them to getting frail towards the tip & the calyxes are lush & dense. The strain of slurricane is actually a sort of indica-learning hybrid. It smells either like sweet & syrupy berries or grapes. Some people also discover the aroma of green apples from it. Even before a zesty flowery finish takes over, you will find some notes of skunk or pine with the fruity scents of the strains. 

As regards the strain’s flavour, a blend of sour apple & grapes bestows the bud with a sweet but acidic profile. However, you will also discover some dry hints of rubber, citrus zest & pine, which will provide ample bitter & earthy taste it. The strain will bring proper relaxation to your limbs & so you can save it for sunset time or exactly before you are having your dinner.  

What Are The CBD & THC Content Of Slurricane?

Slurricane comprises a THC level of 28 percent & CBG or CBD level of 1 percent. It’s a 60:40 Indica-dominant hybrid, which will make you pain-free, soften your muscles & gives your body a soothing feeling. The strain also comprises Caryophyllene within it. It’s super-relaxing. You can pair Slurricane with foods like fresh berries, cheesecake, or frozen grapes. The strain Slurricane will boost your mood in case your mood is slightly off. It is also popular for inducing munchies. However, in case you have a low THC tolerance level, you should take caution & proceed slowly. 

How To Grow Slurricane?

Slurricane is easy to grow & hence great for beginners. In fact, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced grower, or anyone in between, you can effectively grow Slurricane in your indoors or outdoors. The yields will be pretty similar. For an indoor yield, you will need 14-16 ounces/square meters & for outdoor yield, 1 pound/plant. Slurricane needs a long harvest time. However, there are certain techniques to shorten the period. 

Wrapping Up

So, go for this strain of Slurricane & enjoy a sweet & pain-free relaxation after a hectic day. The strain will make you light-headed & you will be ready again for finishing your pending work.


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