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Sour Diesel- The Mood Booster

Do you have an idea about a strain that is one of the greatly pungent strains or buds of all time & helps in persuading your mood? Well! Sour Diesel is one such strain. It’s also called Sour D or Sour Deez. The strain emanates an incredibly strong smell of lemon, gasoline & skunk. 



Sour Diesel is a sort of cannabinoid strain that is carefully intertwined with pungent quantities of caffeine & produces a sour but strong aroma, displaying hints of some citrus top notes. It will energize your body like no other strain. The strain serves better if consumed in the dawn with your 1st cup of coffee. You will get a vast motivation from it. Nevertheless, it is not compulsory to have it in the daytime. You can intake it any moment of the day & will fit you perfectly. Your mind & spirit will get stimulated through it. It will help you become social & stimulate you throughout the day. 

The sour strain also has many medicinal properties & is especially helpful in strengthening one’s psyche. Consume this CBD strain & you will experience the immediate revitalization of your mood. The sour Diesel strain is Sativa dominated & retains very few indicative elements. The percentage of Sativa in it is 90 & that of indica is 10. So, the Sativa & Indica ratio of this strain is 90: 10. 

It has been heard that individuals who consume Sour D on a regular basis feel exuberant & bubble with enthusiasm & vigorousness. You will get a crystal clear head with its morning consumption even if you consume it without coffee. In case, you need it for rebooting your energy in the afternoon, you can also take it then after taking it once in the morning. 

Though no individual knows exactly about the genetic lineage of this strain, some people say that its development can be traced back to the 90s & it is believed that its parent plants are Super Skunk & Chemdawg 91. Both of its parents are heady strains. They are considered extremely potent. You will feel relaxed & light-headed once you take in this cannabinoid strain. 

How Is The Aroma & Flavor Of Sour D?

This CBD strain is especially well-known for its stinkiest, skunky & pungent fragrances. However, its flavor also has some notes of citrus fruits or lemon zest. And, this is the reason why it is called sour. You will also catch an earthy flavor in it. The appearance of this strain is classic pot-like. It has slightly pinkish-orange pistils & lush green sugar leaves. They bring some vitality & colour to this reefer crop’s image. The bud’s nuggets are often very frigid, covered with a large number of small shining crystals. They all signify Sour D’s extreme potency.    

Contents Of Sour D

The CBD content of Sour D is 0 percent & that of THC content is 22 percent. The dominant terpene of Sour D is Caryophyllene. So, the strain will bring out your talkative, energetic & creative side. It is very popular in the US & is grown both within & outside of people’s houses. Sour D belongs to a supreme-quality batch. Its average indoor flowering time is approx nine to ten weeks & the outdoor flowering time is the month of November. Drink plenty of water & other fluids as you consume this strain. This is because staying hydrated is important while intaking this Sour D.

Wrapping Up:

So, have this strain & bring positive energy back into your life. But, remember to intake it in a balanced amount & not too much. It will powerfully handle your mind & emotions. Also, remember that the consumption of this kind of strain is the only responsibility of its user & he/she must take proper discretion while intaking it.


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