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Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds, as the name suggests, are reminiscent of fruity fields. Despite its name, this strain’s smoke is smooth and rarely causes the dreaded cough effect. Strawberry Cough’s laid-back vibe leaves little room for concern in terms of side effects. In terms of medical effects, this strain is primarily used in patients suffering from ADD and ADHD.



Strawberry cough strain: Introduction

The Strawberry Cough is a very popular strain that needs no introduction. It is known to have a sweet smell that is reminiscent of strawberries while also having an expanding smell sensation that can make the most experienced weed head coughs with excitement. 

Strawberry cough is a strong Sativa-leaning marijuana strain that seems to have mysterious genetic origins. Most people usually feel that the Strawberry cough is a special blend of Strawberry fields and haze. The berry, skunky flavors of this herb will certainly capture all senses in your body as it also provides feelings of upliftment that will certainly make you calm and happy. If you are down in the dumps, you can depend on the Strawberry cough strain to lift you and energize you. 

This strain comes with a THC level of 26% which is moderately high for new users. This means that you should get all the kick you seek from a light dose of this clone-only strain.

As a plant, this strain grows very easily. It grows very well in controlled indoor conditions. This strain is characterized by its love for warmer climatic conditions. Nighttime temperatures seem to prevent this crop from developing the high-grade buds that weed heads deserve.

Is Strawberry Cough Strain safe to consume?

If you are a green thumb in the business of smoking marijuana, then there is a warning that comes with this strain. This is why you have to consume the strain in moderate amounts. If you do so, you will see that you will find yourself feeling relaxed and not too intoxicated. This helps you to feel a lot more relaxed and give you a much clearer head.

This is the ideal strain, which helps your ability to socialize which means that it can suppress your negative emotions and boost your happiness and your ability to open yourself to people. 

This strain is recommended for use in the daytime as it increases your energy while sharpening your focus at the same time.

Is Strawberry Cough Strain legal in the US?

At the federal level, the strawberry cough strain should be classified as a Schedule 1 drug. However, growing public support for its medical and recreational use means that many US states have legalized the use of this strain within their jurisdictions.

Why is Strawberry Cough Strain popular?

This strain has a very popular origin as it is thought to be the product of skillful crossbreeding by Kyle Kushman who is a master in the art of producing weed and herbs. This strain was a winner of the Best Flower award during the Cannabis Cup of 2013. This is where the strain first got popular awareness.

A lot of weed heads will simply agree that this strain is among the best Sativa blends in the world. Even when it happens that this blend is not fully understood, you can never mistake the strong strawberry smell that it offers. It offers a special type of feeling which will make the most 

This is an exceptional marijuana strain, which is popular for its sweet smell that reminds you of strawberries. It is known to help you feel uplifted, energetic, as well as talkative. This means that the Strawberry cough helps you boost your sociable skills.

It is also popular due to its very sharp strain flavors which are sweet, berry, and strawberry.

Where to buy Strawberry Cough Strain?

You can easily get this strain from dispensaries, deliveries, and many stores. It can also be found among growers and online marijuana stores and dispensaries. When you choose to buy online, you can get excellent discounts and other offers. You can also enjoy discounts if you purchase in bulk amount.


A perfect strain to begin your day, it originates from an unlikely story that almost stopped it from existing. Thankfully, it was saved and we now have one more strain to uplift our spirits, make us feel relaxed, and produce a lot of happiness. It comes with a combination of flowery, sweet, and strawberry flavors for total user delight.


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