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Strawberry Lemonade Strain

Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Strain – Hybrid – by NUG

Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis is an award-winning hybrid relished for both its sweetness and potency. A cross of the celebrated Strawberry Cough and sour-tasting Lemon OG, Strawberry Lemonade blew our minds, taking the 1st position in the 2015 edition of the High Times Denver Cannabis Cup.




Strawberry lemonade is a strain of marijuana that is obtained by blending Lemon OG and Strawberry cough. This is a marijuana strain that has a dominant composition of Sativa. This marijuana strain is true to its roots as it exhibits strawberry flavor and aroma which is accompanied by an immediate onset as well as complementary effects around the body. You can enjoy the strawberry lemonade for the rest of the day.

This is an award-winning marijuana strain as it has won various awards, especially with the Cannabis Cup.

The good thing about this strain is the euphoric feeling that you get after you take a few whiffs. This creates an intoxicating cerebral experience that may not last long. You may feel uplifted and a lot happier after taking this strain. This is why it is such a good pick-me-up strain during the day. You may also discover that it has significantly increased your energy levels. 

The good thing about this strain is that you can take it in the mornings or afternoons. Furthermore, you get a happy feeling g and vibe that may last for many hours.

Is Strawberry Lemonade Strain safe to consume?

Just like most other marijuana strains, it is recommended to take it in small amounts. It will produce its usual uplifting and refreshing thrills. There won’t be any form of sedation if you consume the strawberry lemonade in sensible amounts.

In most cases, the strawberry lemonade strain has a THC composition that is between (16% and 22%). It has an average THC composition of about 19%. In terms of CBD percentage, it is not possible to get over 0.1% with this strain. 

Moreover, this strain has not been reported to show extreme side effects. So, it is considered safe.

Is Strawberry Lemonade Strain Legal in the US?

Due to the THC contents of marijuana strains, it is heavily regulated in the US. Though in the US, many states approve the use of recreational marijuana. While there has been mainstream support for the marijuana decriminalization law, it still faces some setbacks. Also, it is not legal in some states in the US.

Why is this strain popular?

The Strawberry lemonade strain creates an amazing scent. You get to enjoy the delightful combination of sour lemon, strawberries, and various other fresh citrus fruits. The aroma also comes with sweet hints that make you want to taste it.

As it is with the name, this is a strain that provides a sweet taste of lemons and fresh strawberries. During the exhaling process, a sweet and spicy berry flavor will explode on your tongue to produce further pleasant sensations.

Generally, strawberry lemonade is used to relieve the pressures and stresses that come with an everyday hectic life. These days, a significant amount of people usually report being stressed out, especially because of the pressures associated with work. However, people soon realize that this strain of marijuana helps in unwinding and relaxation. It also makes them feel content and satisfied with their lives. 

Where to buy the strain?

You buy strawberry lemonade from various recreational and medical dispensaries that are licensed to sell them. Also, many of these dispensaries have online outlets (with free home delivery) where they can sell off their products to a wider spectrum of buyers. Moreover, online sellers offer exciting discounts and offer as well. 

Final Statement

Strawberry lemonade is an award-winning strain of marijuana that is consumed for its ability to uplift your mood and increase your energy. It will generally improve your demeanor and keep you going for the rest of the day. It is highly recommended in clinical situations for treating mood and mental disorders.


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