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Sunset Sherbet Strains

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On the maiden inhale, the Sunset sherbet strain sweet berry tones will overwhelm all of the senses, followed by bubblegum and mint notes, making this strain the most aromatic one available on the cannabis market. The famed Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties strains are whence the strain gets its name and tested THC levels of 18 percent and 24 percent. This cannabis strain is dominated by Indica hybrids with some Sativa, 85% and 15% respectively. After the first inhale, this incredible blend of Indica and Sativa begins to work, bringing you joy and an upbeat mood. Before you know it, Indica effects will slowly start with you feeling a pleasant feeling around your eyes, slowly and steadily moving to your whole body, and every muscle, putting you in a euphoric state of mind for a long time. 


To really understand how this amazing strain formed, let’s go back to 2014, at Mr Sherbinski’s grandmother’s house in Colorado. Mr Sherbinski unknowingly self-fertilised a girl scout cookies plant with pink panties, coming up with a strain that has now reached global heights called ‘Sunset Sherbert’. 

Effects after smoking Sunset sherbet strain

Sunset sherbet is a calm, unwinding strain that’s ideal for a relaxed night in. You can bet that if you show up to the barbeque with a jar of it, someone will bring you a plate before you ever enter. Just like a glass of lemonade on a scorching hot afternoon, this strain can be a wonderful cooler, saving you from all the stress and having an idyllic state of mind. 

Flavor and Aroma

Sunset sherbet strains taste like sweet candy, berry flavoured, and mixed fruity notes with a soft fresh soil scent and berry sweetness. Before you buy a bag of sherberts, you should know how it looks. The leaves on the strain are neon green, and the pistils are orange, somewhat a large flower. It’s definitely a treat to look at this indica structure flower. 

Taste: Remember that awful dry red wine taste after smoking a joint? Well, nothing compares to the flavour of a good joint that smells like zesty cotton candy and has an amazing aftertaste. 

The Sunset sherbet strain’s growth process

Sunset sherbet is usually grown in a Mediterranean-style climate that is shady, warm, and humid. Not agree with the statement that it can only be grown outside. With the right artificial atmosphere, this strain can be produced indoors. 

Before harvesting the strain, farmers expose them to cool nighttime temperatures for a few days to increase production and assist in maintaining plant attributes. Moreover, strain large leaves are routinely trimmed. After the plantation, producers can anticipate its blooming within 8 to 9 days.

Because the strain prefers a warm and humid climate, the soil that grows needs to be balanced so that it retains enough water and doesn’t turn into the asphalt of heat. Farmers are aware of how there can be a water shortage if there is a lack of shadow. 

Many users mainly use the sunset sherbet strain for relaxation and unwinding because of its uplifting effects even in the lesser dosages, it really is a delicious after-dinner strain. The strain is very easy to grow, so if you are interested in doing it yourself, make sure you have all the hands-on knowledge about the climate, soil and required conditions to grow a safe strain.