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Thai Coast Strain

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The Thai coast strain is a very strong strain of marijuana that has been cultured in the best growing conditions. The Thai coast strain is produced as a result of blending three popular marijuana variants of the Chemdawg, the Lemon Thai, and the Pakistani Kush. 



Thai Coast Strain: Introduction

Thai coast strain is a popular hybrid that means towards the Indica breed. This is due to its composition of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This is an important strain as it is a product of three parents. It is made by blending the triple classic flower collective of the Lemon Thai, the Pakistani Kush, and the Chemdawg.

The buds of the Thai coast come with small and thick forest green nugs that are shaped like an arrowhead. They also have amber hairs with suitably coloured trichomes.

One good thing about this strain is its rich profile of terpenes. With the flower, you are sure to get a wide spectrum of terpenes that range from Valencene 0.02%), Limonene (0.12%), Myrcene (0.14%), Caryophyllene (0.18%), Pinene (0.21%), and Linalool (0.32%). This brings its total content of terpenes to 0.99%.

Why is this strain popular?

This Thai coast strain is popularly known as the “Lost Coast OG” or “Thai Coast OG.” This strain is known to be called a lot of names, probably due to its “multiple parentages” but die-hard weed heads know what one puff of this herb feels like. One whiff of this Indica-leaning hybrid makes you realize that you are dealing with a real pure breed. You are instantly hit with a clear-headed trip that makes you want to run outside the house with energy and enthusiasm.

This strain almost instantly hits you after taking a whiff, which endows you with feelings of total excitement and raw energy.

This trippy feeling is characterized by a clear mind while also feeling increasingly motivated and focused. This makes you feel as though you can confront anything that is directly in front of you.

Despite all of these powerful effects, you would still be able to feel a general sense of relaxation. Its THC composition of about 26% gives this strain powerful effects that are useful among recreational users.

The Thai coast strain comes with a unique vintage earthy lemon taste along with a tangy and spicy-sweet with a sour exhale.  You get a spicy and musky aroma and a tangy whiff of citrus along with an intense earthy smell that can be perceived as you break apart the nugs.

Where to buy this strain?

The Thai coast strain is a very popular hybrid that can be found in almost any dispensary. Apart from dispensaries, there are many growers, shops, farms, and outlets that have the Thai coast for sale. Many of these physical suppliers of the strain also have website platforms. The online platform works best and is suitable for people who do not want to live in their homes. Many dispensaries and vaping product outlets usually cater to online buyers. Expect your strains to come in discrete packages. Also, all buyers of this strain will have to be 21 years old or older to access the product. Note that you should only purchase from reputable suppliers if you want high-quality merchandise.

Is this strain safe to consume?

This strain is currently safe to use by consumers. There are no known reports of incidents with the strain. Also, to guarantee the safety of your flower, it is recommended to buy from authorized sellers. You should know that common effects associated with this strain are feelings of upliftment, energizing, and relaxation feelings. 

This is the strain you need if you are looking for something to make you focused, motivated, and relaxed. Also, you have to be over 21 years old to use the Thai coast. If you do not know how to go about the dosage, you should get in touch with a doctor or an expert in weed consumption.

Final words

Finally, this is a very rich herb that shares its effects, taste and smell with many strains. This means that you are likely to get important properties of other strains from the Thai coast. It is blended from a pedigree of herbs which all give its characteristic uplifting effects.

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  1. Jason Smith

    I tried this Thai Strain and it was a truly exceptional experience. The aroma was captivating, with hints of tropical fruits and spices that transported me to a beachside paradise. The buds were beautifully dense and covered in trichomes. Thai Coast is a must-try strain for cannabis enthusiasts.

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