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THCO 1ml Vape Cartridge 750 mg

THCO 1ml Vape Cartridge 750 mg

  • 1ml Vape Cart
  • 6 Amazing Strains
  • 750 mg of THCO per vape
  • High-Quality Hardware
  • Connects to standard-size batteries




THCO is known to be a powerful cannabinoid with strong psychoactive effects, in some cases three times stronger than Delta-8! Our 6 incredible varieties will blow your mind and are worth trying.

Delta 8 THC acetate is abbreviated as THCO. Delta 8 THC O acetate is a cannabinoid found in plants, but there are no reference standards to detect it. However, two articles (1 and 2) reveal the presence of Delta 9 THC O acetate in cannabis, which implies that it is most likely present in a lower proportion in the plant, which corresponds to the discrepancy in Delta concentrations. 9 THC or Delta 8 THC.

Other than CBD and Delta 9, there is nothing documented on long and short hits with this molecule, as is the case with most cannabinoids. It is believed to be three times more potent than Delta 9. It takes longer to produce an effect (up to 60 minutes after inhalation for full effects), but once it does, many users report a “spiritual” feeling that they have not experimented with any other cannabinoids. Without medical authorization, do not ingest this product.


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