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Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs

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UNO MAS Disposable (Single Pack)


FLAVORS – Cool Mint
PUFFS – 1200 Puffs approximately
BATTERY – Pre-charged Internal Battery: 650mAH



Uno Mas Disposable vape 1200 Puff pen is a vaping device that is available in more than 20 flavors and offers you a cannabis experience without any hassle.

It is a cutting-edge vaping device that is made to deliver a convenient and portable vaping experience without compromising performance. 

It is designed for adult smokers who seek discreet and reliable vaping solutions in place of traditional cigarettes and canna rolls. It has a satisfying flavor profile and impressive puff content, delivering approximately 1200 puffs.

About the Brand Uno Mars

Uno Mars is a well-established and known brand in the cannabis market, offering good-quality cannabis vapes. They focus innovation on quality and customer satisfaction by making high-quality vaping devices. This brand is well known for its vapes, and you can get a combination of innovation and convenience in their products. 

The Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs is one of their best sellers of all time.

More about the Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs

Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs is a vaping device that is made to deliver convenience and portability to vaping enthusiasts. Disposable vapes are popular nowadays, and therefore, it is also on the list of best sellers online. 

It has a pre-filled vape cartridge that is powered by a 650 mAh non-rechargeable battery. It is easy to use, and it has 5% nicotine salt in it. The most known flavor that you can buy online for this disposable vape device is mint, but there are various others also available out there. 

Some of the best flavors of Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs include:

  1. Banana Yogurt
  2. Blue Razz Slushie 
  3. Blueberry Lemon Ice 
  4. Bubblegum
  5. Cool Mint
  6. Grape (Cool Grape)
  7. Iced Banana Taffy (Discontinued)
  8. Iced Blueberry
  9. Iced Lychee (Discontinued)
  10. Iced Peach
  11. Jungle Juice
  12. Keylime Pie
  13. Lush Ice
  14. Mango Blast (Was Cushman)
  15. Melon Twist
  16. Passion Fruit Mango
  17. Peaches & Cream

You can opt for your favorite flavor from the list given above to get a flavorful, fruity, and enjoyable vaping experience.

Features of Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs

Below given are some important details and features of the Uno Mas Disposable Vape Puffs:

Design and build quality

The Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs has a sleek and small design, making it convenient to keep it along wherever you go. You can put it in your purse or bag easily, and no one has to know about your vaping habits. The device has a highly durable outer shell that protects it from accidental drops and impacts. The mouthpiece is ergonomic and comfortable to use, with a lightweight construction so that you do not find it difficult to carry along.

Puff capacity and battery pack

The device has a pre-filled e-liquid to ensure that you can have long-lasting vaping fun. Approximately, you can have 1200 puffs with the pre-filled cartridge supported by a 650 mAh battery pack for a long vaping time. You just dispose of it easily after use. There is no need to refill the device or prepare it for vaping. Just unpack it and start vaping.

Easy to use

The Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs is disposable and convenient at the same time. It has a design with a user-friendly structure and ensures a hassle-free vaping experience for both beginners and expert vapers. You just have to remove the device from the box, activate the draw-activated mechanism, and start your vaping session immediately.


Safety is the first priority of the Uno Mas Disposable Vape Puffs, and therefore, it has multiple safety features incorporated into it. You get over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection so that you do not have to worry about safety. With these measures in place, you can enjoy your vape with peace of mind.


An important feature of the Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs is disposability. This vaping device has disposable features, which ensure that you do not have to refill or recharge it for use. Once you are done with it and the e-liquid is depleted, you can just dispose of it with the directions stated on the package.

The Uno Mas Disposable Vape pen is a convenient and reliable vaping device for enthusiasts of cannabis and related products. It has impressive puff quality, a wide selection of flavors, user friendly and portable design, and a discreet size. 

It can be a reliable alternative to traditional vaping devices and other smoking options.

1 review for Uno Mas Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs

  1. Melissa

    I tried Uno Disposable Vape this time, and it surpassed my expectations. The flavors were in the range of fruity and refreshing blends. Besides it has 1200 puffs. It’s a great choice for both beginners and experienced vapers alike.

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