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Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer 10mg Delta 9 Gummies (10pc)

Delta Extrax 10mg Gummies (10 Pack)

  • Perfect for on-the-go use
  • 10 gummies in each pack


Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer Delta 9 Gummies provide a tasty and customizable way to enjoy cannabis’ euphoric qualities and therapeutic benefits. Urb Extrax now offers kiwi-flavored Delta 9 gummies made with nano-emulsified THC for faster absorption. 

Each gummy contains a moderate yet mighty 10mg delta 9 doses for lawful and responsible consumption.

Product Overview

THC edibles like gummies offer extended duration of effects compared to smoking or vaping. The oral route avoids first-pass liver metabolism, increasing the bioavailability of THC. Urb Extrax Infused gummies maximize effectiveness through nanoemulsion technology.

The gummies use nanoemulsions to encapsulate the delta-9 THC. This reduces droplets to nano-sizes that increase bioavailability and rapid absorption when ingested. Users often report faster onset and more powerful effects compared to traditional edibles.

Urb Extrax kiwi mixer gummies contain 10mg of nano-emulsified delta 9 THC per piece, delivering robust effects at lawful potency limits. The all-natural kiwi flavor provides a crisp, sweet taste that masks any cannabis flavor or aftertaste.

Each pack contains 10 kiwi delta 9 gummies totaling 100mg THC content. Urb Extrax recommends starting with one gummy to test potency before increasing the dosage. Wait at least 2 hours to feel the full effects before taking more.

Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer Delta 9 Gummies effects

User experiences report delta 9 THC edibles like these gummies produce effects including:

  • Warm euphoric relaxation
  • Uplifted mood and mental stimulation
  • Increased laughter and sociability
  • Heightened sensory perception
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Improved appetite
  • Drowsiness in higher doses

Effects manifest within 30-90 minutes and peak around the 2-hour mark, lasting 4-6 hours total. Individual reactions vary based on tolerance, dosage, and personal body chemistry. Start low with one gummy until you understand your response.

Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer Delta 9 Gummies flavor profile

Urb Extrax kiwi mixer gummies offer a sweet and tart green apple flavor profile. Each element provides layers of fruity flavor:

  1. Kiwi – The soft sweetness of ripe kiwi gives the gummies a dominant tropical fruit taste. This creates an aura of island relaxation.
  2. Apple – Tart green apple complements the kiwi to add crisp fruit acidity that uplifts the flavors.
  3. Lime – A touch of lime brings out fresh citrusy highlights and adds depth to the flavor fusion.

As you chew, flavors transition from the sweetness of kiwi to apple tartness and subtle lime zing. Enjoy this refreshing virtual trip to the tropics.

Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer Delta 9 Gummies ingredients

Urb Extrax delta 9 gummies contain:

  • Cane sugar – coats the exterior of the gummies in sweetness.
  • Fruit pectin – provides chewy texture with plant-based pectin.
  • Glucose syrup – adds thickness and binding properties.
  • Kiwi puree – delivers dominant kiwi flavor.
  • Apple juice concentrate – boosts apple flavors.
  • Lime oil – brings out fresh citrus highlights.
  • Sunflower oil – carries fat-soluble THC in nanoemulsions.
  • Sodium citrate – stabilizes nanoemulsions to preserve potency.
  • Nanoemulsified delta 9 THC – provides 10mg THC per gummy.
  • Natural flavors – enhance fruit flavors.
  • Citric acid – provides tartness.
  • Fruit and vegetable juice (color) – gives gummies color.

Urb Extrax avoids gelatin or other animal ingredients to create 100% vegan Delta 9 gummies. Only natural fruit elements provide flavor for a true fruit experience.

Urb Extrax Kiwi Mixer Delta 9 Gummies dosage guide

As a beginner-friendly THC edible, Urb Extrax recommends starting with a single gummy when testing tolerance:

  • 1 gummy = Mild effects suited for most new users.
  • 2 gummies = Moderate effects ideal for most users.
  • 3 gummies = Stronger effects better suited for regular users.
  • 4+ gummies = Very strong effects requiring substantial THC tolerance.

Wait at least 2 hours to feel the full effects before considering more. Consuming excessive amounts may increase anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, or drowsiness. Increase dosage carefully while respecting individual limits.

Storage and handling

For optimal shelf life, store Urb Extrax gummies in a cool dry location away from heat and sunlight. Refrigeration can help gummies retain maximum potency and flavor. Allow cold gummies to come to room temperature for the best texture before enjoying them. Discard gummies after the expiry date or if moldy. Keep out of reach of children or pets.

Lab testing

Every batch of Urb Extrax delta 9 gummies undergoes independent third-party laboratory testing. This verifies:

  • Accurate levels of 10mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • No contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents
  • Overall purity, quality, and safety

A QR code on the packaging links to the latest lab report. Proper testing ensures your Delta 9 gummies offer reliable potency and premium quality.


Delta 9 THC causes impairment and intoxication. Use caution before driving or using heavy machinery after consuming gummies. Seek medical advice before use if you have a serious health condition. Delta 9 may potentially exacerbate psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid use since the effects on development are unknown. Keep away from children as THC poses a serious poisoning risk if ingested.

While some states permit recreational or medical marijuana, Delta 9 THC remains federally illegal. Urb Extrax delta 9 gummies comply with lawful THC limits, but laws vary between states. Check your local laws before purchasing.

Delta 9 THC is not FDA-approved and Urb Extrax makes no claims of therapeutic effects beyond anecdotal reports. Adults 21 and over assume all liability regarding complying with laws and health precautions when using Delta 9 products. Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur.

Urb Extrax offers a tasty, convenient way to try delta 9 THC with their Kiwi mixer gummies. Potent nanoemulsified THC provides robust effects in a moderate 10mg dose. Natural fruit flavors give each chewy gummy a sweet and tart kiwi-apple taste. 

New THC users can enjoy the mellow buzz of hemp-derived delta 9 before potentially exploring more potent options. However, care should still be exercised to avoid potential side effects linked to THC overconsumption when using any cannabis product. Overall, Urb Extrax gummies let adults explore Delta 9 safely, legally, and deliciously.