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Urb Extrax Peach Mango 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies



Delta Extrax (also known as Delta Effex) and URB Finest Flowers come together to bring premium Urb Extrax Peach Mango 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies. Available in multiple flavors, this range has a special offering with this peach and mango combination. It packs a heavy dose of Delta 9 THC, fulfilling all your dreams! 

Urb Extrax Peach Mango Flavor

It is an exciting flavor offering. Both mango and peach carry summer notes; they’re sweet and have royal juicy undertones. When you combine both, you are left with something that beats any flavor, hands down. This flavor will taste like a bite straight into summer that will make you forget any worries that you have. 


You may be thinking, what distinguishes Urb Extrax Peach Mango 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies from other Mango Peach Delta 9 THC gummies? Well, there are MANY reasons, and one of them is that these gummies are 100% VEGAN.

Your gummy contains no animal-sourced product and is made from only the best natural ingredients present in the market to give you a yummy and safe experience. These gummies contain sugar, sodium citrate, water, corn syrup, coconut oil, flavoring, color, citric acid, and lecithin.

Weight and size

Urb Extrax Peach Mango 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies are bigger than normal Delta 9 THC gummies. They weigh approximately 6 gm, which makes them bigger than even average sugar gummies. A 6-gram gummy sure takes you on a tour of the galaxy!

Legally compliant

Wondering why these gummies are as big as they are? Well, it’s quite simple! URB and Extrax believe in giving their customers an experience of a lifetime. And that is not possible in teeny weeny doses, so they give you 10mgs of Delta 9 THC in 6gm of gummies. 

Therefore, it is a large dose while still being under the federally mandated less than 0.3% level.