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Wedding Cake- Indica- Dessert Lovers Choice

Looking for a unique strain? Wedding cake strain – the name in itself is unique, as you can see. Hybrid lovers will love the magical taste and aroma of this Indica-dominant strain. 



Hence, if you aren’t experienced with consuming high levels of THC, it would be better to consume it in fewer amounts. These wedding cake Sativa strains are also known as Pink Cookies. The taste of this strain is as dreamy as its name. Let’s learn about it in detail. 

Wedding Cake Flavor Strain: Indica

Terpene Profile: Herbal Spicy sweet

More About Wedding Cake Indica Strain

The cannabis world is creating hype with different types of strains coming up. There is also an increase in the trend of consuming wedding cake strains, especially among sweet tooths and dessert lovers.

This sweet yet spicy strain has a natural yet intense high to it. The parent strains of this hybrid strain are GSC (Girls Scout Cookies) and Cherry Pie. It comes with high levels of THC, which is why people consider it to have a stronger “High.” This strain was bred by a nefarious breeder, and it has quite a widely recognized lineage.

Wedding Cake Indica strain often gets recognized with the hops flavor. People grow this inside within 7-9 weeks. When growing outside, it will blossom around the end of September or the start of October.

Appearance and Taste of Wedding Cake

In terms of appearance, Wedding cake strain can look differently based on the manufacturers. However, expectantly, it has a light and dark green buds with amber-colored stigmas. This also adds a golden-brown tint to the strain, which has a cat of whites on top of it.

These strains are also known to show slightly purple accents, but their trichomes are similar, making them the perfect strain for creating concentrates.

Its name suggests its sweetness, and it even has that sweet taste. After consuming this strain, you will feel like sourdough is present in your mouth. However, in reality, people simply define its taste as earthy, peppery, and sour.

The Aroma of Wedding Cake Indica-dominant Strain

The legendary LA cultivator, “the Jungle Boys,” gave the name “Wedding Cake” to this hybrid due to its fabulous vanilla cake frosting aroma. However, most of the time, it may provide a mixture of floral and earthy aromas with a touch of sweetness to it. It can trick you into thinking it has a vanilla cake aroma. It also depends on the manufacturers.

Effects of Wedding Cake Indica Strain

The Wedding cake Indica-dominant strain comes with around 20-27% of THC, which is considered to be very high. Hence, beginners may feel a power rush to their heads if they consume too much of this strain. As a beginner, it’s better to try very little at the beginning. This is the perfect strain when you need restful and lay evenings just chilling around in your house or calming down after a hectic day.

It makes you feel relaxed and helps to control your overwhelming anxious feelings to some extent (depends on users and quantity of consumption). It’s easily recommendable for consumers who have the capability to handle THC.

Final Words

The wedding cake strain is gaining popularity in the cannabis world due to its unique flavour, aroma, and lineage. This is a potent strain with high levels of THC and is also called Pink Cookies. When it comes to taste, it’s not similar to its name as it’s somewhat sour and spicy with a bit of sweetness.

However, its aroma feels just like vanilla which is why it got the name “Wedding cake.” Nowadays, some cultivators are also producing hybrid strains using the Wedding Cake as one of the parent strains, leading to incredible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wedding Cake Strain safe?

Wedding Cake Indica strain does have a powerful high. Hence, someone who can’t handle THCs at high levels may start to feel anxious at high doses. It can be assumed safe if taken in appropriate quantities (depending on the materials, manufacturers, and strain quality). It’s better to get a doctor’s advice before consuming such products to ensure their safety for you.

What are hybrid strains?

Hybrid strains are cannabis strains that are produced by crossing an Indica and a Sativa together. People may even use more than 2 strains to form hybrids. Sometimes, these hybrid strains can also be Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant, depending on the amount used.

What are the terpenes present in the Wedding cake strain?

The wedding cake strain usually consists of Humulene (Earthy), Myrcene (Herbal), Caryophyllene (Spicy), and Limonene (Citrus).

How to get the best out of the wedding cake strain?

The best way to consume this wedding cake strain and get to feel its effects quickly is to use a vaporizer or vape with it. You will feel the taste of vanilla while exhaling it and leave a sweet aftertaste. Vaping helps you get the best flavour of this hybrid strain.

Which strains are best for beginners?

As per the “high” effects of different strains, it’s safe to say that CBD-dominant strains would be the best suited for beginners as they are less high than THC and are even called diet-weeds due to their mellow high effects.


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