Within the cannabis world, varieties of the hype can make the names of the strains as important, but not so much quality. It was the case when it was OG Kush at the time of the late 1990s which led to a world brimming with Kush hybrids.

Now there’s a strong indication that consumer interest, fame and the latest data on trends in strains could make the wedding Cake strain the next popular cannabis champion for a long time to come. Here’s a bit of information on this well-known cannabis strain.

Wedding Cake Strain: Introduction

Wedding Cake is a sweet strain, naturally, but it leaves an intense after-effect (just as weddings). It’s great for relaxing and having a drink, and even a lazy day – the ideal strain for watching people.

A nefarious breeder bred it with a prestigious parentage and grandparents – Cherry Pie and G.S.C. (Girl Scout Cookies) and has a higher high T.H.C. level that can maintain even depressed users engaged.

Wedding Cake is often referred to as Pink Cookies. We’ve mentioned that it’s the most widely recognized lineage; however, some seed banks claim it’s an actual Triangle Mints phenotype.

It is often recognized in the flavor of hops, which includes Humulene. When grown inside the plant, it blooms in 7 to 9 weeks, and it blossoms in the latter part of September or October when grown outside.

Why is it so popular?

Due to its astoundingly high THC content, The Wedding Cake strain can effectively treat various diseases and conditions. People suffering from anxiousness and constant stress can create a tranquil mental state.

Because of its cerebral and calm effect, Wedding Cake can relieve stress and replace the focus with tranquility. The strain also has uplifting effects that work to treat mood disorders and depression.

Many consumers have remarked that being under the impact of Wedding Cake, their moods were regulated and they felt more positive and content.

Where to buy this strain?

Wedding cake strain can be bought online easily but have age restrictions. Your age should be more than 20 to buy it online or from the shop.

Genetics breeders behind Wedding Cake, the Wedding Cake strain, Seed Junky Genetics are not able to provide a website or a location where you can purchase this particular strain. They do, however, supply this product to numerous dispensaries in California, Colorado, and other legal states across both the US as well as Canada. 

Some of these dispensaries are Kind Love (Denver), Sweet Flower (Los Angeles), and Get Kush (Canada). The price is around $20 AUD per kilogram and about 60 dollars for 1/8 of one ounce.

Is Wedding Cake Strain safe to consume?

The high from this strain begins with a high-energy cerebral rush and a surge of mental energy. Wedding Cake causes a shift in the way you think and perceive the world around us, and users report that they feel more aware and sensitive of the world surrounding them.

The effects of Indica will be felt when the Wedding Cake elements find your endocannabinoid system. It’s possible to feel your body relax with a better sense of calm and warmth. If you want to buy a wedding cake from an online or offline store, you can get lab-checked results. According to experts, you should search for the top online stores on Google or Bing since they offer a variety of offers, discounts, and high-quality strains. If you’re new to this product, it’s usually a good idea to get help from other users. You should consult a physician or a doctor for dose recommendations. For starters, start with little doses. 


The wedding cake strain is one of the most sought THC strains in the US. Although it’s a calming smoke, it’s not suitable for novices or those with a weak tolerance to marijuana. Certain versions Of Wedding Cake have slightly more CBD content and fewer THC levels. This could reduce the chance of suffering from adverse side effects. After taking the product, your brain will be energized, and you could burst into a wild flurry of laughter. In the end, your body will be relaxed and you can fall into an unwinding sleep.


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