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Wedding Crasher Strain

Well! The strain discussed here is Wedding Crasher. The strain is claimed to have rare Colombian Sativa genetics, which is hard to come by in today’s strains. The strain was once extremely popular. This is the strain for you if you want a strain that will give you energy, a clear and focused headspace, and relaxation all at the same time. 



Wedding Crasher – An Introduction

Symbiotic Genetics developed Wedding Crasher, a powerful cannabis strain. Purple Punch and Wedding Cake’s genealogy may be found in this hybrid strain’s parent strains. THC levels in the resultant cannabis range from 22 to 25%. When added in a low CBD percentage, the Wedding Crasher strain becomes extremely potent. It is advised for people who have already used marijuana, as the effects can be overwhelming for newcomers. And given the performance of Wedding Crasher at the box office in Colorado dispensaries, the project was successful.

Symbiotic Genetics widely acknowledges the Wedding Crasher strain as the mastermind breeder. They came up with the brilliant notion of mixing two sweet and fruity flavors. 


Symbiotic Genetics created Wedding Crasher from a crossbreed of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. Despite its hybrid status, up to 45 percent of the plant has indica characteristics. It contains a THC level of up to 20% and very little CBD. The THC level in Wedding Crasher cannabis has been reported as high as 20%, but this will vary slightly from bloom to flower. It does not have a significant CBD level, so it should not be used for purposes where you need high CBD content.


There isn’t much information on how to produce Wedding Crasher marijuana online. Be assured that it will most likely mimic any previous hybrid growth traits. 

It should flower in the 9-10 week range and thrive in both soil and hydroponics (depending on the quality of operation you set up and maintain). Wedding Crasher marijuana, like other hybrids, prefers temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t expect to see many huge plants if one tries to produce Wedding Crasher marijuana. Adult females should be nice and strong but not unduly tall, thanks to the presence of India genes.


The parent strains of Wedding Crasher – Wedding Cake and Purple Punch – give off a scent and flavour profile that you’ll be dealing with when you take a big dose of this mixed flower. The grape flavour of the Purple Punch is more prominent than the vanilla flavour of the Wedding Cake, but if you have a keen palette, you should be able to distinguish both. Overall, you’ll get a more-than-mildly-sweet hit with a pleasant berry aftertaste. If you like fruity flavours, this is a good strain to try. When you chirp out on a decent crop of Wedding Crasher cannabis, you can pretty much imagine what types of scents will be flooding your senses.

This strain is available in many dispensaries and hemp stores in the US. You can find premium quality strains from only reputed growers and sellers. If you want them to be home-delivered free of cost, you should certainly buy from online stores. If you are lucky, you can avail of exciting offers and discounts from online dispensaries. The best part about online shopping for strains is that you are getting a variety of strains at a much cheaper price.


Wedding Crasher marijuana is a strain worth trying. It’s not something you’ll find in any dispensary on the planet. It’s also probably not worth contacting around to see if anyone knows. If you manage to come across a jar of it at your local shop, grab a gram and give it a try. 


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