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White 99 strain

White 99 is that strain that you need when you feel like being 99% more sociable and 99% more energized. The energizing part is not surprising because it comes with a high average concentration of THC (25%). This strain comes with a flavor profile that you may find quite refreshing.




White 99 strain is a highly concentrated hybrid strain of marijuana. It is produced by crossing The White and Cinderella 99. As a hybrid strain of marijuana, it contains indica (30%) and Sativa (70%). This strain slightly leans more to the indica marijuana variant. 

It is very popular due to its ability to create feelings of happiness and upliftment. This is due to its contents – Cinderella 99 (responsible for sociable effects) and The White (responsible for the relaxing effects). White 99 leans more towards causing feelings of relaxation.

White 99 strain comes with a distinctive taste that is particularly bright and fresh just like tart oranges that have been blended with Kush and lemons.

Is the White 99 strain safe to consume?

One of the mistakes you can make with White 99 is to take more than is necessary. People usually make this mistake because the effects do not set in immediately. This may take some time (about 10 minutes). But as soon as it hits you, you will appreciate the fact that this weed is premium grade. If you have a low tolerance for weed, you are advised to go slowly.

It is a relatively safe strain to take if taken moderately. It is a strain, which can produce long bouts of excitement and then instant slumber. It is important to note that no such side effects of this strain have ever been reported. So, it is considered safe and sound.

White 99 is excellent if you were going to spend the day just watching movies or TV. This strain is also ideal for you if you have minor or moderate muscle soreness.

Is the White 99 strain legit in the US?

White 99 is legit in the US, but it depends on the state. About 37 states in the US have legalized marijuana use. However, it is essential to note that like cal dispensaries are regulated by the state government. This means that both the selling and usage of marijuana strains are to comply with individual state laws.

Why is this strain popular?

This strain is very popular due to its ability to produce feelings of happiness and upliftment. The strain is also characterized by its distinctive flavors: citrus, lemon, and pine.

If you are a weed head, you will know that White 99 is very popular due to its extremely high THC composition of 25%. However, it has a relatively low level of CBD.

As soon as the potency kick in, you feel all your troubles instantly melt away as the world turns into a giant bouncy fun castle.

Where to buy this strain?

White 99 is a weed strain that is available in local dispensaries. However, in recent times many local dispensaries have built online platforms to increase their footprint. This means that you can get the marijuana strain online. Many online weed dispensaries have a free product delivery system for US and Canadian buyers. It is worth noting that you may also find this strain in offline stores but it may be expensive. 

If you buy online, there may be exciting discounts and offers from sellers. If you want to get more information on this strain, you can also check with Google or Bing.


White 99 strain is a distinctive marijuana blend that has existed for a while now. It may be relatively unpopular compared to other strains but it does provide you with the thrills that you need. This strain helps with instant upliftment and calmness. 


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