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White Buffalo Strain

Anytime that you feel worn out and down in the dumps, the strain called White buffalo may just be all you need to pick yourself up. Its levels of THC are potent and are a lifeline if you have panic and mood disorders. White buffalo is characterized by its sweet flavor. However, nothing compares to the thrills that it produces.



White buffalo is a strain of Sativa marijuana that is produced when Romulan with a blend of Bay 11 and Blackberry Kush. White buffalo is very famous for providing a powerful surge of intoxication that makes you happy, active, and uplifted. 

White buffalo, a hybrid strain, has Sativa as a dominant ingredient. It contains Sativa (80%) and Indica (20%). It has a THC composition that is between 15% and 20%. It also contains about 0.1% composition of CBD. Some phenotypes are reported to be composed of 25% THC.

This potent strain produces Indica effects even though it is more of a Sativa-like hybrid. It has a thrill that begins with a euphoric feeling that immediately creates feelings of upliftment. It then subsided with a fully sedative vibe that does not lead to couch-lock. This means that you get to feel a rush of energy which still allows you to get up. White buffalo is known for its energizing effects and can fight off medical conditions like PTSD, ADD, migraines, inflammation, asthma, and chronic pain.

Is White Buffalo Strain safe to consume?

White buffalo is the stuff for legendary weed smokers. You have to be careful when handling this strain. It has a thrill that hits you very fast and starts by elevating your mood. If you use this strain, you may feel a pleasant but odd tingling buzz originating from your temples. At first, you feel a rush of energy which eventually gets you to calm down and feel relaxed. Moreover, you can smoke this in the afternoons, if you are at work feeling bored to death.

This strain has a higher composition of Sativa. Taking large quantities of it can lead to a debilitating intoxication.

The white buffalo strain is said to have a THC percentage of between 15% and 25%. Some dispensaries are known to stock White buffalo strains that have a 26.42% of THC. This is a strain, which is certainly not right for newcomers. It has a very low CBD composition which is negligible. 

Is White Buffalo Strain legal in the US?

White buffalo is used widely in the US. Although there are loose laws regulating the use of recreational marijuana, it is still illegal in many states. However, most states have legalized the use of marijuana, albeit, under strict regulation and supervision from the authorized enforcement agency.

Why is this strain popular?

White buffalo is a popular strain that is known locally by the name of Tatanka. It is characterized by its sour and sweet flavor. It is also known to have spicy, woody, and pepper flavors. 

It comes from a beautiful cannabis plant that has unbreakable flowers. It has nuggets that look like popcorns. 

When it comes to the smell, you will like the odd sage and dark fruit scent that White buffalo produces. It also smells with a diesel hint as well as overtones of farm-fresh spices and herbs. If you crush the bud open, you will get a sweet Snell that lingers for a while in the air.

Where to buy this strain?

White buffalo is usually sold in dispensaries. Also, it is sold online where many dispensaries have an outlet. But the strain is known to be scarce. It can be difficult to get into many dispensaries.


White buffalo comes with all the right elements that you need in a good strain of marijuana. This fascinating strain of marijuana is a good solution for people who find it difficult to cope with their daily stress from a hectic schedule. It produces thrills that are known to quickly come at you while boosting your self-esteem, confidence, and energy.


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