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White Rhino Strain

One of the marijuana hybrids with a greater Indica to Sativa ratio is the White Rhino strain. It is renowned for its earthy, sour flavor and aroma. Despite being marketed as an Indica, it is a hybrid with only one known ancestor.



One of the marijuana hybrids with a greater indica to Sativa ratio is the White Rhino strain. It is renowned for its earthy, sour flavor and aroma. Despite being marketed as an indica, it is a hybrid with only one known ancestor.

A hybrid between the well-known White widow and an unidentified parent gave rise to the White Rhino. Because most of its qualities come from the indica type, it is frequently marketed as an indica. Because it is a hybrid with an 80 to 20 indica to Sativa ratio, you can anticipate feeling a great high due to the Sativa content.

More about White Rhino Strain

Although White Rhino was born in Amsterdam, its parents were born in South India, Afghanistan, and Brazil. While the exact production date is unclear, it participated in the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup and placed second in the Bio category. It also finished second at the Cannabis Champions Cup in 2005.

Compared to other indica-Sativa hybrids, White Rhino Weed Strain has been shown to have a substantially greater concentration of THC and CBD for recreational and therapeutic purposes. According to certain studies, the White Rhino has a THC concentration of 20.29 percent. Additionally, it contains 0.05 percent CBN and 0.11 percent CBD. This means that White Rhino can be used for recreational and therapeutic purposes despite having a relatively low CBD Level.

Growing White Rhino Strain

A humid setting and a growth medium with a lot of nitrogen and potassium are ideal for the White Rhino Weed Strain. Due to its great production, breeders frequently grow it. However, due to its development habits, it also needs care.

White Rhino can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Ensure your growing media is always moist and provides enough potassium and nitrogen for bud production. Ideal indoor temperatures range from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While outdoor White Rhino blooms 70 to 84 days after planting, indoor White Rhino does so after roughly 63 days.

Flavor & Appearance

The name “White Rhino” refers to the plant’s distinctively pointed leaves and buds, which resemble a rhinoceros horn sticking out of the ground. Like other Indica hybrids, each plant grows bushy and huge, but they can also go very tall. The light green buds have layers of pure white trichomes that give them the impression of being coated in sugar.

Similar to its parent strain, White Widow, White Rhino has a characteristic earthy aroma supported by heavy wood components, such as oak and maple. Expect first to smell the calm and serenity of an old woodland setting when your first crack opens the bud and a lingering sweetness evocative of luscious tree sap. The flavor is similar, with heavy wood notes and a pleasant earthiness.


White Rhino has characteristics with its parent strain, White Widow, including a rich earthy scent backed by elements of heavy wood, including oak and maple. When you first split open the bud, you can anticipate smelling the peace and tranquility of an old forest and a lingering sweetness that is not too unlike fragrant tree sap.

After smoking, the sweetness starts to fade and is replaced by a strong oak aroma reminiscent of furniture from an antique store.

This simple strain has a wide range of smaller subtleties in its flavor and scent.


Rhino White Weed Strain is a cross between a White Widow and an unidentified father. It comes from Amsterdam and imparts its users a strange earthy and woody flavor. According to some users, this celebrity youngster has a lovely appearance and a relaxing high that is great for providing you with a rapid mood boost 


Is the White Rhino strain strong?

Yes, it is. The White Rhino strain contains around 20% THC, which makes it a potent strain. However, beginners can also try this strain if they consume it slowly in small amounts.

What’s the origin of the Rhino strain?

The combination of White Widow and a North American indica helps to produce White Rhino.

Does the White Rhino strain have any effects?

Since the White Rhino strain is a weed strain, it will have effects that you normally notice with every cannabis product. Some of the effects include dry eyes and dry mouth.