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Zkittlez Strain

This Zkittlez is an exhilarating fruit that tastes just like a bag of Skittles. This strain is blessed with notes of berry, lemon, grape, and strawberry and makes you feel as though you have tasted the rainbow once you take a whiff of this strain. 



Zkittlez Strain: Introduction

Zkittlez is also called “Island Skittles,” “Island Skittles,” and “Skittlz” is an Indica strain of marijuana which is a blend of Grapefruit and Grape Ape that is mixed with one more strain which is undisclosed. Zkittlez is also known to be the origin of Runtz and White Runtz.

This strain comes with chunky colas which explode into a collection of light green hues which give off a sweet and tropical mixture of fruity flavors. Zkittlez gives off a wide range of effects that involves calming, and making customers feel focused, relaxed, alert, and happy. 

Known for its candy-like taste, Zkittlez is the ideal strain for you to take if you feel like enjoying yourself with friends or all by your lonesome. This strain offers amazing tastes while producing wonderful effects that will leave you mesmerized. This strain is recommended for everybody, and it should be tried at least once.

Is this strain safe to consume?

Zkittlez is relatively safer to consume, and you should know that if you are someone with panic attacks or have a low tolerance for THC, this strain should be consumed with all the caution that it deserves. But people with regular THC tolerance can easily consume this strain without any safety issues.

This is the right strain for you during late afternoons if you do not have enough motivation, and you need a high rush of energy to finish off the tasks of the day. It offers a slowly developing thrill that feels that you can finally finish the day while having a new rush of energy and enthusiasm, before being able to sit back and relax while your body thrills set in.

Zkittlez comes with a THC composition that ranges from 15% to 23%. 

Is this strain legit in the US?

Zkittlez comes as a part of a collection of drugs whose legitimacy is questionable at the federal level. However, many states of legalized marijuana strain to be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Why is this strain popular?

Zkittlez is a strain of cannabis that is well-respected and extremely popular. The strain is much admired because it got first place during the “Emerald Cup” of 2016. It has since been placed in various Cannabis cups that have been organized in both Michigan and San Francisco in 2015. One of the reasons that make this strain popular is because of the unique flavor of the strain. Zkittlez true to its name is a strain that comes with both a strong flavor and aroma which is easily reminiscent of Skittles, a very popular candy.

The buds of this strain have been packed more densely. They look like the type of structure that you would naturally get from a strain of Indica. The buds come with a striking color palette that is unique, a mixture of light green hues which come with tinted purple shades. 

Zkittlez has leaves that have a delicate and small appearance, which have been covered with similar thick white trichomes that are characteristic of the buds. This is what gives off a smooth texture that you can barely find among plants that have the same strain. Overall, the strain is becoming increasingly popular and is worth buying at any local dispensary shelf. You can enjoy the marijuana strain all by yourself. It is still an excellent delight that can be shared among friends.

Where to buy this strain?

This is a strain, which you can buy easily at any local dispensary or many other retail weed shops. You can this strain on online platforms. The best part about online marijuana dispensaries or weed stores is that you avail of discounts and offers. Online shopping is also considered cheap when you purchase in bulk amounts. In addition, you enjoy free home delivery of the strain products.

Final Words

Zkittlez is a fruity strain that comes with a lot of fun and is known to come to have good recreational benefits. This is a marijuana strain that is highly popular because it resembles Skittles candy both in terms of smell and flavor. It offers a unique thrill that is reminiscent of enjoying your favorite candy as a child.


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