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Zookies Strain

Have you ever thought of relishing a strain that has a significant cookie flavor and aroma? Here are Zookies straining to woo you away. The strain has been slaying since day one and has received splendid feedback from cannabis lovers.



Who doesn’t love to gorge on a plate of cookies taken out straight from the microwave? Zookies Strain has always been a comfort food, and we simply can’t go wrong with them. This Christmas staple is now served with a warm glass of milk to enhance the experience of a holiday.

What is Zookies Strains?

Zookies or Zoo Cookies was created by crossing two award-winning strains, Animals Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 (also known as Original Glue). The Alien Labs breeders were the mastermind behind the blend. The outcome is a balanced hybrid strain that is both sweet and strong. The scent and flavor of sweet, nutty cookies with a dash of diesel characterize the distinctive terpene palette of Zookies. If you want a strong euphoric high, Zookies is a wonderful option.

How is the Aroma of Zookies Strains?

The underlying alluring aroma is at the top of the list of factors that draw customers to Zookies. It has a distinctive fragrance that is reminiscent of sugary, nutty cookies with undertones of coffee or cocoa, spicy pepper, and pungent diesel that it inherits from its parent strain, Gorilla Glue #4. It is completely engulfed in the thick cloud of cookie aroma that gives this strain a gourmet blend. The aroma that the strain gives out when it is crushed or broken up is its most authentic representation.

How is the Flavor Profile of Zookies Strain?

The flavor is not as strong as the aroma. Zookies strain taste like nut-filled cookies with undertones of coffee beans, chocolate syrup, pepper, and diesel. Additionally, it possesses the typical bitterness of hemp.

How Does the Terpene Palette of Zookies Strain Look Like?

Zookies strain is overloaded with Caryophyllene and Limonene. Caryophyllene is in charge of Zookie’s spicy and funky flavor. Limonene is responsible for citrus notes. The other strong and dominant terpenes include Cedrene, Bisabolol, Linalool, and Valencene.

Is the Zookies Strain Gorgeous Enough to Look at?

The strain’s nugs are initially noticeable for their abundance of lavender tones mixed with forest greens, dark blues, and burnt orange pistils. The nugs are dense and round. Its buds are easy to separate and are covered in a thin covering of trichomes in all of these hues. Each cola is covered in a thick layer of frosty, THC-rich trichomes that barely allows the cola to be seen properly. Zookies Strain on a glass jar is a sight to behold.

Can Zookies Strain be Cultivated at Indoor Gardens?

The Zookies strain is considered to be a moderately challenging cultivar to grow. Being a very frosty variety, there is always a chance that in damp conditions, powdery mildew will develop on the gigantic colas. The assemblage of sticky trichomes is another fact that makes it a hassle to grow at home. It is crucial to regularly check humidity levels for your Zookies crop because the strain is extremely vulnerable to mold growths in extreme humidity. Zookies strain flourishes outside in the typical equatorial/Mediterranean climate with warmth, little humidity, and lots of shadows. Like a traditional Sativa, this strain has bushy, strong growth. The branches have numerous tops, therefore early training with trellis netting is necessary to control the growth and prevent larger plants from strangling younger ones.  Every 7 to 9 weeks, a very sizable harvest can be expected to be pulled down.

Is Zookies Strain Strong Enough?

Zookies strain has a THC level ranging from 23 percent to 25 percent on average. CBD is missing in the strain. It is an equal blend of indica and sativa. It is not, however, the ideal option for inexperienced consumers.


Are you still looking for reasons to not indulge in Zookies strain? To make the most out of your hangouts, you clearly shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to indulge in the goodness of Zoo Cookies. The strain may be just what you’re looking for, whether you prefer sedating Indica or energizing sativa. With its powerful, balanced flavor and aroma, this strain offers the best of both worlds.