Should You Smoke Weed Alone?

Should You Smoke Weed Alone
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The broad consensus among stoners is that you should not smoke weed alone if you’re smoking it for the first time or for enjoyment.

Smoking weed with people is a fun experience and it leads to many memorable experiences with your loved ones. You can smoke weed with your friends, eat munchies, watch shows, listen to music, and vibe with them.

But when you smoke weed alone you can not do this, but does that mean you should not be smoking alone? Well, we have the answers to all the questions that you have in mind in relation to smoking alone. 

So let’s get started!

Smoking Weed Alone: What to Consider

Smoking alone is not so simple. There are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind when smoking alone. For some people these considerations overweight the enjoyment they will feel if they smoke with their people. 

So let’s take a look at these considerations so that you’re better informed about whether you should be smoking alone or not.

Which Strain Do You Have?

There are a lot of strains out there to try out. All these strains have different effects on you and are to be consumed in differing quantities. As these strains differ in terms of their effects, that’s a reason why you should be aware of which strain it is. 

Primarily there are three types of strains that you can have: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Sativa is said to give you a mind high, Indica gives a body high, and Hybrid strains lie somewhere in between them. 

Now, depending on which strain you have from these three categories, you will have to face effects. In a Sativa strain with a mind high, it will be preferable that you smoke with a friend as people tend to laugh and talk when they feel this high.

If you’re alone, then you might feel down or low as there won’t be anyone to talk to or laugh with. This doesn’t mean that you can’t watch a movie or listen to music, but it would be preferable that you do that with friends.

An Indica high on the other hand will make you feel rested and relaxed, you might prefer being alone when you have such a high. Because most of the time people on an Indica high want to lie down and eat. 

Who Are You Smoking With?


The second important consideration is the people that you are smoking with. People constitute a very important factor in your weed journey. Any smoking trip is incomplete without the right people.

They can make all the difference to your experience. If they are your good friends then you will enjoy yourself immensely around them. If they’re strangers you might feel a little uneasy smoking around them. 

That’s how people become important when thinking of smoking.

Are the People Around You Warm?

The people around you affect your experience of smoking up. If those people are hostile, cold, or annoying towards you then you will not enjoy smoking up with them. And it is better that you smoke weed alone. 

But, if those people are sweet, caring, and fun to be around, then you will absolutely love smoking up with them. They will take care of you throughout the experience and make you have fun.  

Smoking up with people that you love is fun for this reason. As you get high and you start losing your active control over laughter, laughing with fun people leads to memorable experiences. 

You can watch movies with your friends, listen to music, dance, eat food, talk about life experiences, engage in deep philosophical conversations, and do much more. All this would not be possible if you smoke alone. 

But, if they’re not warm, and you do not enjoy their company, then it is best for you to not smoke up with them and smoke weed alone. 

Do You Have Work to Do?

If you have work to do then smoking up with your friends might not be the best decision to make. As when you are with friends you tend to be more laid back and your smoking-up experiences last for a long time. 

If it goes on for a long time, then there are chances that you might end up losing out on your work. In turn, if you lose out on your work then you will result in getting a bad trip. So, you’re best advised to smoke weed alone when you have work to do. 

Do You Have Food?

Let’s say you decide to smoke weed alone, and that is how you want it to be. Then, you need to make sure that you have the food to eat. Because, if you don’t have food to eat then you won’t have anything to do!

We don’t know how you celebrate your high, but if you’re smoking weed alone then we suggest that you get yourself some munchies to have. Otherwise, you will end up searching for them in your refrigerator again and again!

How You Are Feeling?

This is the MOST IMPORTANT factor to consider when you’re getting high with people. If you are not feeling good, then being with people might raise your spirits. But it might also make you sad as you may get bugged by their presence.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling good, then smoking up with people will be a wonderful experience. Even smoking up alone might be good. It really depends on how you like it.

But, generally, stoners prefer to smoke up with people and enjoy their high as a communal affair. Therefore, we recommend that you smoke up with people around you!